Dignitas wins the Gamescom EU regional

Heroes Nick “Dorazion” D'Orazio

In their second EU regional win in a row, Dignitas defeated Misfits in an incredibly even set.

In an electrifying grand finals, Dignitas once again showed why they are the premiere heroes team in the EU region. Their double warrior style proved effective against Misfits' melee assassin centric strategies, including multiple Illidan lineups and a rare Butcher pick in the final match of the series.

This is the second EU regional win for Dignitas, and as they already qualified with their last win, a tie-breaker round between Fnatic and Misfits would determine the last  EU spot for the Fall Championships at Blizzcon. That series was a Bo3 that Fnatic eventually won 2-1. Misfits were a favorite to qualify and most would agree that they are one the strongest teams to not qualify:

This is due to the similar power levels of each EU teams, and less about Misfits choking or having a bad tournament. Dingitas, Fnatic, and Misfits are very evenly matched and it was truly anyone's game. You can watch the past broadcast here and get caught up with all the incredible action that took place at Gamescom 2016.

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