Business as usual: MVP Black are the Spring Global Champions

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An undefeated sweep through the most competitive Heroes of the Storm event to date. MVP Black isn't just the best top team, they are on another level.

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MVP Black is good enough to do whatever they want with the Spring Championship trophy. They have earned it.

The fearless team is still undefeated, now boasting an amazing record of 22 consecutive wins. Unlike the legendary 40+ Tempo Storm winning streak of last year, MVP Black is facing international competition and still consistently come out on top. It's easy to dismiss their victories as a product of the "Koreans are good at esports" phenomenon, but that is an over-simplification of what they bring to Heroes of the storm. Other Korean teams aren't close MVP Blacks level, and even the Chinese teams struggle to emulate their success.

The MVP difference

During the final leg of the tournament, it seemed impossible to out-draft MVP Black. Their hero pick flexibility is too massive and when taking into consideration all of their comfort picks, two bans just don't seem enough. Do you really want to spend your ban on Uther? Probably not, which is problematic because that allows Merryday, the all star support player of MVP Black to have his favorite pick. Maybe instead you want to ban Li-Ming to deny Sake, but that leaves him with Kael'Thas and Greymane. 

I mean, just look at Sake's top heroes. It's like the who's who of top tier assassins that you don't want the worlds greatest team captain to be playing on. Can't ban them all:

And don't forget, that is just one player. Even with those bans, you would still have to contend with Rich on either Sonya, Thrall or his terrifying Kerrigan (that Naventic learned about the hard way).

Prior to the competition, many thought eStar had the best chance of defeating MVP Black, but they ended up losing 2-0 in a series that didn't look hard for MVP Black. It was awesome seeing Heroes being played at such a high level, and the walloping the rest of the region received at the hands of MVP Black was an important reminder that, although they may be the best among their peers, there is always a higher level to aspire to.

Prize Pool

1. MVP Black - $150,000

2. EDG Gaming - $75,000

3-4. eStar, TNL -$50,000

5-6. Cloud9, Team Dignitas -$37.500

7-8. mYinsanity, Naventic - $25,000

9-12. GIA, Negative Synergy, Big Gods, Renovatio I - $12,500

Check out the full list of VoDs from day 1, 2 and 3. Congratulations to MVP Black and the 5

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