Brave Ozone will represent Latin America in the America Championship

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Latin America's best Heroes teams have been competing for a spot in the America Championship for months. This weekend, Brave Ozone from Brazil claimed that spot and the title of Latin American Champions.

The Road to Blizzcon structure is set up in a way that some countries (China, Taiwan and South Korea) have Championships that qualify directly for Blizzcon, while other countries are not so lucky. Teams from the Europe region and America region are required to go through an additional round of qualifiers to make it to Blizzcon: the Regional Championships. While the European Regional Championships are only for the European teams, Blizzard has put a lot more regions together for the America Championships. In this tournament, which will be held in Las Vegas on the 19th and 20th of September, the best teams of North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand will be pitted against each other to pick the two best teams that will win their ticket to Blizzcon.

Up until this weekend we knew seven out of the eight teams playing in Las Vegas, but we now know the final team. Tempo Storm, Cloud9, COGnitive Gaming, compLexity Gaming and Murloc Geniuses from North America, Immunity White from Australia/New Zealand and Relics from Southeast Asia will be joined by Brave Ozone from Latin America.

Brave Ozone is the champion of the Copa América, the big tournament series that had the purpose of finding that single Latin American representative for the America Championships.

The final series in the Copa América Grand Finals saw CNB e-Sports Club play against Brave Ozone. CNB e-Sports Club was the runner up of the first Copa América Season and fought their way into the final series through the lower brackets. Brave Ozone, the third Season winner, on the other hand showed superiority in the upper bracket; they did not lose a game until the finals.

The finals was a Bo5 with a one game advantage for Brave Ozone due to their entry from the upper bracket. But CNB evened the score 1-1 in the first game, and so Brave Ozone lost their first game of the tournament. CNB e-Sports Club continued to prove their worth by also winning the second game, but had to yield the following game which resulted in a 2-2 score and the final game on Infernal Shrines.

Brave Ozone versus CNB e-Sports Club - Infernal Shrines (Portuguese commentary)

CNB opted for a double warrior composition but Brave Ozone drafted Kerrigan, focusing on early aggression on the map that most consider to be very snowbally. Brave managed to summon the first Punisher for themselves, but the second Punisher went to CNB. The third Punisher seemed to easily go to CNB but Brave Ozone managed to kill some of their opponents to get themselves their second Punisher. Brave Ozone showed they are a smart team, by focusing down Kael’thas just before another Shrine was activating to make it impossible for CNB to contest it. This Punisher was pushed with the whole team up to CNB’s Core and left the core at 59%. In a sneaky move by Brave, Johanna was later on used to lure CNB into a conflict at the activating top shrine, while the rest of the team went for the core to give themselves the win, $10.000 USD and the title of Latin American Champions.

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