Who is Team DK?

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Who is Team DK?

You know that Korean team that beat the Tempo Storm and Team Liquid when both teams were at their prime and ranked 1 in their respective region? Yeah, Team DK are the guys that beat that team. If you haven't heard of them, you will in the upcoming weeks so here is a run down:


  • Team of ex-Starcraft players who were of medium-high fame, most notably sCsC, Noblesse and Sniper.


  • Long time Heroes rivals with with MVP Black and Team Snake. The 3 teams continue to compete for the "best in Korea" title.


  • Love to play teams with sustained damage or healing: This basically gives them chances to "wrangle" the team fight and take advantage as the fight progresses.
  • Their key strategy  (that most pro teams are just now learning to emulate) is to draw out team fights and always be ready to reset the fight, or hard initiate depending on the scenario. They win by never hard engaging when the outcome is uncertain.
  • Malfurion is their favorite choice as main healer and makes their long team fight style possible. The same strategy is used with their Abathur / Illidan compositions as it allows them to decide when and where a fight takes place. Effortless disengages.
  • Sylvanas Wailing Arrow and Zagara Devouring Maw are their favorite tools to end a team fight.


  • Noblesse and sCsC work extremely well together as primary front line, Team DK has a clear understanding about which warrior combinations will perform well against their opponents lineup.
  • They enjoy playing dive oriented warriors like Tyrael and Anub'arak are against 3 ranged lineups. sCsC plays the aggressive bruisers while Noblesse focuses on peel and crowd control.


  • Wide Hero pools and pocket strategies on certain battlegrounds


  • Love using Tyrael with sanctification

The Players

Kan Ki Soo -"CrazymoviNG"

  • Captain of Team DK,
  • Specializes in ranged assassins, most notably Jaina and Valla.
  • Extremely high quality carry,
  • Rarely gets caught out and always supplies the damage needed.

Park Jae Hyun -"Jaehyun"

  • Dedicated support player
  • Knows how to draw out team fights and  playing safe while at low HP.
  • Korea's strongest Malfurion player.

Chae Do Joon -"Noblesse"

  • Primary Warrior player for team DK
  • Specializes in melee heroes and warriors.
  • Peels for teams squishies and maintains front line in a team fight with sCsC

Kim Seung-Chul -"sCsC"

  • Bruiser specialist for Team DK
  • Arguably the top Arthas player in the world.
  • top rated player in Korean Hero League
  • Is the offensive side of their infamous double warrior lineup.

Kwon Tae Hoon -"Sniper"

  • Primary specialist and flex player for Team DK
  • Known for his clutch Zagara and Sylvnas play.
  • Impeccable Wailing Arrow and Devouring maw usage.

*insight on the Korean scene provided by ballkm2, resident expert on the Korean Heroes of the Storm scene.

A serious threat at BlizzCon

Team DK proved during the Hot6 Super League Grand Finals that they are the premiere Korean team to beat. In an impressive series against MVP Black, Team DK's consistent and grindy playstyle was victorious against MVP Black's creative lineups. The EU and NA scene had expected MVP Black to qualify (based on their dominating performance at PAX Prime), leaving Team DK in a favorable situation of being relatively unstudied.

Team DK practically invented heavy warrior compositions and have already adjusted to the Raynor centric meta of the LT. Morales patch. They are mechanically strong players that, under the leadership of CrazymoviNG, boast impeccable shot calling abilities. Their only weakness on the surface is a reliance on warrior compositions, meaning niche warrior counters like Thrall and Rexxar may have an increased effectiveness.

And even saying that is a stretch. Will the other regions stand a chance against the might of Team DK? Their biggest rivals, Team Snake, won't be there to keep them in check, and we all know what happened last time Korean heroes paired up against the other regions.

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