Americas Championship finales interviews: "We pretty much expected everything they threw at us."

Heroes Jacob “ManMode” Godfrey

In what some would call the ultimate upset, Cloud 9 managed to best Tempo Storm in the best of five finales of the Americas Championship. A victory as huge as this doesn't come without carefully deployed strategies and we wanted to find out what went through these team's heads. Before the confetti had even settled, we were on the scene to find out exactly what happened in this thrilling series.

Cloud 9

What are you going to do with the prize money?

DunkTrain: Teach Tempo Storm fans math and statistics.

What the most important moment of the last game against Tempo Storm?

DunkTrain: The moment we knew the game was won was when idream caught Dread with the maw. We knew we won right then. 

Fan: The most terrifying moment was when we thought we could rush their core, and then I saw Leoric was about to respawn and four of my teammates were super low HP. Once we made it out of their base alive, I thought we had the game locked.

How did you beat Tempo Storm?

DunkTrain: We baited them into revealing their draft strategy yesterday, as as soon as we did that, we got to do fresh drafts today and surprise them. We pretty much expected everything they threw at us.

Uther seemed to play a huge part in the series. Thoughts?

DunkTrain: When we got in the middle of the series, we realized they would need Uther to get Zuna through the games. As soon as we had that mind set, we started to either pick or ban him ourselves. Then one game, they left Zeratul and Uther. The rule is, if Zeratul is open, you pick him. We still had a game to experiment with so we went with it.

So Uther is very important to Tempo Storm?

DunkTrain: Dreadnaught on Uther is their crutch.

Was Zuna on tilt?

DunkTrain: I think tilt IS Zuna’s play style.

What are some obstacles as a team you overcame this tournament?

DunkTrain: I think the hardest part of everything was getting over the mental block we had over Tempo Storm. The wins earlier in the month and the wins here today have done that. We accomplished what we wanted to do and we no longer get crazy and lose our minds when we get ahead of them.

Tempo Storm

You guys played well, but it must feel bad to lose.

Zuna: We had to show our hand more than we liked in the group stage. The worst feeling is when you win four and lose three but still lose the tournaments. At the end of the day, they played better in a best of three so congrats to them. 

But it’s a weird tournament format.

Dreadnaught: The seeding could have been the same, but it’s weird when you win against a team in the group stage and get no advantage against them on day 2.

Zuna on Leoric- what happened?

Zuna: When you die with Leoric it really doesn’t matter but still, I shouldn't have died 20 times.

Your strategy looked and sounded very solid. What went wrong?

Dreadnaught: It was in execution. We didn’t rotate as five and we didn’t put pressure on them. We got one turn in the entire game and we only got a keep front wall, and two forts. That is a problem. We should have had enough pressure on the map where there was constantly something we could of done with that.

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