Decklist spotlight: North America’s decks from CN vs. NA Championship

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The guests are bringing many Reno decks to challenge the host nation.

Day one did not go well for Team NA as they lagged behind 1-3 in their first Best of 9 with only Keaton “Chakki” Gil and Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk remaining. While it is still too early into the championship to call anything, the North Americans will have to face the fact that China will not go down without a fight, especially after their fruitful 2016.

Although China was down with experiments within its line-ups, including an Anyfin Paladin, a Bloodlust Shaman and variations of Miracle Rogue, North America has brought very much the tried and true. There is no Paladin, no Hunter and just one of Druid and Priest are being played by the westerners, the latter two in Chakki’s possession who is to come on stage for the first time today, January 17.

The Chinese decks are available here and you can find more decklists from popular streamers and professional players in our deck library.

United States Reynad RenoLock Miracle Rogue Aggro Shaman RenoMage
United States Fr0zen RenoLock Miracle Rogue Pirate Warrior Aggro Shaman
United States Dog Aggro Shaman Miracle Rogue Pirate Warrior RenoMage
Canada Cydonia RenoLock Aggro Shaman Pirate Warrior Miracle Rogue
United States Chakki RenoMage RenoLock Jade Druid Dragon Priest



Will NA recover and sweep Round 1?

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