Decklist spotlight: JustSaiyan’s #1 Legend Jade Druid

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

The Gadgetzan lists are getting more polished by the day.

Although the Jade Lotus is losing the war in Gadgetzan to the Grimy Goons and the Kabal, Malfurion remains their most potent general. A class which can cheat the mana curve through ramp cards and [card]innervate[/card], Druid is the perfect way to execute the slow and scaling Jade Golem mechanic, mitigating its sluggish tempo.

One of the first Jade Druid lists was popularized by Xixo and now Tempo Storm’s JustSaiyan has fleshed it out to reach the top of legend. The changes are minor, particularly the cutting of [card]arcane giant[/card]s and the teching of [card]acidic swamp ooze[/card] to counter the oppressive Pirate Warrior decks and the still dominant Midrange Shaman.

The deck is absolutely fantastic and requires careful planning and high-skill to be execute properly, as players will have to navigate through powerful [card]fandral staghelm[/card] turns for maximum Jade Golem value. The level of decision making is slightly lower than that of Malygos Druid as [card]raven idol[/card] has also been cut out.

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Will the Jade Lotus overtake the other two factions eventually?

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