Redemption day: These four players still made it through to Blizzcon's big stage

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On the final day eight players fought for redemption and a chance to represent their regions in the World Championship.

The stakes had never been higher for any of the eight players facing off today: it was do or die. After JasonZhou, Che0nsu, Amnesiac and HotMEOWTH managed to secure a spot on Friday, the four remaining spots were to be filled today. Group A kicked off, with a rematch between Cydonia and Handsomeguy. On Wednesday, Cydonia had crushed the South-Korean with a 4-0 victory, coming off stronger than many had anticipated. Unfortunately for Handsomeguy not much had changed, since it was again Cydonia who walked away victorious, although this time with one game dropped.

It was then up to Bbgungun in group B to give the Americas region an even bigger boost in self-esteem, being the only player left from the region who hadn't managed to make it through yet. He found himself facing Hamster, who already made name for himself by being the only one playing Priest and Paladin. Unfortunately for all the American fans, the Chinese player cut clean through Bbgungun's line-up, being the second Chinese player making it through to the main stage.

And Europe? Up until this point, still absent. Both fan-favorite ThijsNL and Naiman had been eliminated already, against most people's expectations. Remaining were DrHippi and Pavel, in groups C and D respectively. DrHippi's opponent, Yulsic, had managed to climb back up after he'd been defeated by Amnesiac in the first round. DrHippi would have none of the Hong Konger's dreams however, as he shut him down 4-2. All eyes then were focused on Pavel and Breath, and they were for a long time. In a close series, which many will remember as one with Yogg-Saron, Hope's End all over the place. In the end, however, it was Pavel who restored some of Europe's pride by grabbing the last spot.

Looking at the knock out phase, one can only feel sorry for China. Due to the (already known) seedings both Chinese players face off in the very first round, ensuring a China-only final will not happen. Amnesiac, who's arguably the best player in the tournament thus far, will take on Pavel, Che0nsu faces Cydonia and HotMEOWTH is up against DrHippi.



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  • Erik "iamknugen" Johansson ,
    Go Pavel! How many packs do we get though, and when? Haven't been able to find good information on that.
    • Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev ,
      You get 1 pack + 1 pack for each win your champion gets upon completion of the tourmament
  • hickson "hickson" wang ,
    i think the last game was between OmegaZero and Pavel


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