Of bots and witches (and wishlists): The Innervated podcast #31

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev



In the silent days of January, Nydra, TheChiv and Sumadin talk about drama, although they would really like not to...

Show's timestamps:

03:15 - Happy Martin Luther King day!
06:00 - Strivewire and the DH Leipzig qualifiers fiasco
11:30 - ESGN opens an esports section
15:00 - Archon signing new streamers
18:00 - The /r/hearthstone drama and what's it all about
48:40 - Ben Brode's new vlog on "Content Release"

1:00:00 - What needs to come in 2016 asap?
1:09:00 - In-game tournaments and why that's not very likely
1:24:00 - Sumadin's article rustling reddit jimmies
1:31:00 - Observer mode improvements and need of replays

Front page photo by: Imore.com


Should we leave drama talks out in the future?

Yes, reddit is enough
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No, these things need to be discussed
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