7 awesome LoE decks that we love playing [The Innervated podcast #27]

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev



We share some of the most interesting builds we've been enjoying with the arrival of the first two wings of League of Explorers.

Show's timestamps:

2:16 - Show start
5:10 - $220,000 confirmed for WCA 2015
8:30 - How we'll have to redefine what "major" means in 2016
13:20 - SuperJJ wins back-to-back championships
16:00 - The GameGune disappointment
22:00 - New team league with open qualifiers announced

27:00 - Main discussion starts
31:00 - Mike Donais on Discover and our thoughts on the mechanic
53:30 - The Mill Rogue
58:00 - The Reno Control Warrior
1:00:00 - The Reno Warlock Highlander (by Stan Cifka)
1:07:00 - The Reno Rogue Highlander
1:12:00 - The Raptor Rogue (by Kripp)
1:16:30 - The Zoo (by Reynad)
1:20:20 - The Battlecry Shaman (by Sottle)


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