Decklist spotlight: All decklists from StarLadder phase #1

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

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48 decks from the European, North American and Korean meta, all available now.

The first group stage of StarLadder Season I saw the triumph of players like Stanislav Cifka, ThijsNL, Firebat, Dog and the Hellraisers' trio of Lostov, Kucha and ShtanUdachi. As the tournament gets ready to move to its second group stage with the best eight, how about we go back and review the decks used in the Round of 16?

Unsurprisingly, a lot of Patron Warrior and Handlock were played, as well as Druid and Hunter. With the launch of TGT, however, the Secrets Paladin became a staple tournament deck and several players even swapped out the Patron for the good old Control Warrior.

Check out all decks below. If you're looking for more cool TGT decks, visit our deck library.

Sweden Cipher: Handlock • Patron • Midrange Hunter
Germany Lifecoach: Patron • Handlock • Combo Druid
Russia Lostov: Midrange Paladin • Combo Druid • Handlock
United States Zalae: Midrange Hunter • Patron • Combo Druid
Ukraine Kolento: Patron • Secretadin • Dragon Priest
Czech Republic StanCifka: Handlock • Control Warrior • Combo Druid
Korea Surrender: Zoo • Patron • Oil Rogue
?Netherlands ThijsNL: Patron • Combo Druid • Handlock
United States Firebat: Oil Rogue • Patron • Combo Druid
Russia Kucha: Secretadin • Patron • Midrange Hunter
Poland Lothar: Secretadin • Patron • Combo Druid
Sweden Ostkaka: Aggro Paladin • Patron • Combo Druid
United States Dog: Tempo Mage • Oil Rogue • Combo Druid
Sweden Forsen: Freeze Mage • Zoo • Combo Druid
Sweden Orange: Tempo Mage • Control Warrior • Hybrid Hunter
Russia ShtanUdachi: Handlock • Control Warrior • Combo Druid


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