Watch Sjow demonstrate why nobody likes playing against Patron Warrior

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

If you've been watching ATLC last night, you've probably grown to hate the deck even more.

The venue is Archon Team League. It’s game ten. Trump’s Value Town is at a score of 5-4 and need one more win to close the series. The Mayor is up against Sjow who’s determined to take this series to the full length. It’s a Warrior mirror, with Trump on control and Sjow on Patrons.

As expected, the game is slow, but Control Warrior’s board control technique and better midrange curve give Trump the lead. By the time Sjow hits fatigue, the he’s at mere 18 health, while Trump is at 49, with [card]Dr Boom[/card], [card]Brawl[/card] and two [card]Armorsmith[/card]s in hand. Sjow is unfazed, however. He drops [card]Emperor Thaurissan[/card] and ends the turn. Then, on his next, he gives a painful to watch demonstration why Patron Warrior is the terror of the metagame. 

Value Town ultimately went on to win the series but this highlight move by Sjow made it to every community board as the cries for nerfs filled the air. And one does have to wonder - if Miracle Rogue was nerfed for its 18-24 damage, [card]Leeroy Jenkins[/card] burst, what's to happen to Grim Patrons 50-damage OTK?

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