All decklists and class stats from Viagame's House Cup

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

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16 players, 144 decks: Enhance your decklist collection by learning from arguably the most competitive deckbuilding tournament - the Viagame House Cup. 

Betweem October 10-12, sixteen participants were flown to Stockholm, Sweden to take part in the inaugural Viagame House Cup. Aiming to provide a new take on how Hearthstone tournaments are held, the hosts had the players build nine decks - one of each class - and take part in an extensive pick/ban phase before each series.

As expected, the excellent deckbuilders and strategist triumphed and Kolento took the $8,000 cheque in the end, defeating Amaz in the grand final. But the matches are already behind us and now it's time for the last piece of any coverage: examine what the players actually brought to Sweden.

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A lot of interesting decks were displayed this weekend. If we're to start with the champion, we must talk about Kolento's cup-winning Shaman deck which helped him beat the deficit Amaz had put him in. As it's always the case with Kolento, there isn't anything outrageously weird about the deck - just a solid Shaman with great early start and powerful mid-game transition.

Moving down the list, one can see that Rogue was the class that varied the most. With Leeroy nerfed, new Miracles emerged, starting with Faramir's Sprint/Alexstrasza build, Forsen's Malygos deck or Tempo Storm's Sludge Belcher iteration.

During the tournament, a lot was said about Logan's Druid and how the Greek is an expert perfecting the ramp build. Staying on control topic, Frost Mages deserver large admirations, being a popular deck this weekend. This is what Frost Mage expert Rdu, for example, designed for Forsen and himself.

It wasn't all chills and Pyroblasts in the Jaina front, however and some players did decide to bring aggro Mages, inspired probably by Thefishou's run at BlizzCon EU. One of those was none other than the European king of aggro Gnimsh.

The final curious deck we ought to mention is TidesofTime's weapon Warrior. In a meta where the control build is considered the standard, the Tempo Storm boys took the brave decision to bring a surprise to House Cup... with varying success.

Czech Republic Alesh


Hong Kong Amaz

Germany Ek0p

Germany Faramir

Sweden Forsen

Poland Gnimsh

Spain Jinshen

Ukraine Kolento

Greece L0gan

Slovenia Mlasic

Sweden Pappastoma

Romania Rdu

United States Reynad

Spain Seloko

United States TidesofTime

Portugal Vodkita