Savjz to cast Blizzcon qualifier besides Artosis and Frodan

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The fin Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen, a well known Heartstone player himself, will cast the Blizzcon Phase 2 qualifier at Dreamhack Stockholm together with Daniel “Artosis” Stemkoski and Dan “Frodan” Chou, both renowned casters in the Hearthstone scene.

From September 24th - September 27th the trio infernale will cast Phase 2 of the Blizzcon EU qualifier, covering the games of the 16 competitors for the four spots available to the Hearthstone Worldchampionship at this years Blizzcon.

The European Hearthstone Europe Finals Competitor list
7863906-Denmark.gif – CupCake
8391779-Sweden.gif – Frezzar
7863906-Denmark.gif – InnNumberguy
8202793-Italy-Flag.gif – Kaor
7372538-Ukraine-Flag.gif – Kolento
7863906-France.gif – Lowelo
United_Kingdom-Flag.gif – Greensheep
8111401-Spain.gif – Matthew
United_Kingdom-Flag.gif – Max
7863906-Germany.gif – MrYagut
7372538-Ukraine-Flag.gif – Neirea
7863906-United%20States.gif – Reynad
7863906-France.gif – thefishou
8111401-Spain.gif – TheFallen
6136988-Netherlands.gif – ThijsNL
7863906-Germany.gif – Lifecoach