Amaz the first to DreamHack top 4

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This weekend DreamHack Bucharest is becoming the Inn, where the best Hearthstone players test their strength against one another. GosuGamers is keeping you up to speed with all the action of the 128 man bracket, giving you updates on the major storylines and happenings from Romania.


Notable drop-outs
Finland Savjz Sweden Ostkaka Poland Gnimsh Sweden Airbrushed
Slovakia Silhan Finland Wampie CzechRepublic Alesh Sweden Spo
United States Reynad Poland Lothar United States StrifeCro Germany Ekop


22:00 CEST - Topdecks push Hong Kong Amaz to top 4

Hong Kong player and ROOT Gaming's poster boy Amaz is the first to make the top 4 at DreamHack Bucharest.

Getting the right cards at the right time really helped Amaz get to the final four. A critical draw of [card]Kill Command[/card] helped him edge over the German in a Hunter back-and-forth mirror while a lucky [card]Timber Wolf[/card] secured the lethal in the second match against the Druid. 

21:50 CEST - Underdogs galore at DreamHack top 8

Those of the viewers who hoped to see match-ups between powerhouses are being disappointed as only Amaz, Ek0p and StrifeCro are to represent the televised elite of Hearthstone.

The final rounds before the top 8 took were cruel to some of the biggest names in Hearthstone. In Bracket 2, Planetkey's Lothar fell 0-2 to Lynessa's Druid tokens, while in Bracket 8, fan-favorite Reynad gave a 2-0 victory to Slovenia's Buksna. With strong contenders like Savjz, Gnimsh, Wampie, Spo and Ostkaka also out, it's all on the aspiring players to make names of themselves.

20:28 CEST - Pro Trifecta into Top 16

The journey in Romania continues for ek0p, Amaz and Lothar, as the three pros are moving on to the fourth round of the competition. After the exciting upsets of the first two rounds, all the professionals are making it through the bracket now, leaving the notable drop-out list unedited for the better part of the evening.

Priest King Amaz demolished Romanian player Silviu with his Hunter deck, German ek0p edged out a win against Raffson after falling behind in the first game, while Lothar of IEM Katowice fame beat out local hero surachai. The next opponent for the Polish player is going to be french man Linessa - the adversaries for the other two are not yet determined.

Stepping into the Inn to play some cards next are StrifeCro, Vinceroz, Rdu and Reynad, who are the last four notable names left in the later stages of the bracket. The two Romanian players gained notoriety during the first rounds of this tournament by upsetting huge favorites in Savjz and Gnimsh respectively, while StrifeCro and Reynad have accolades from online and offline tournaments to their resume already. 

19:56 CEST - Germany Gaara stays undefeated in Bucharest

The German Gaara has been on fire this Sunday in the capital of Romania, winning every single match thus far. With yet another impressive sweep against ToonKing, the teammate of Reynad is the first player to reach the Sweet Sixteen round at the DreamHack event. Playing his Ramp Druid he had absolutely not trouble against ToonKing whatsoever, establishing himself as one of the main competitors to watch in this tournament.

All the other matches of the third round are not yet player, including favorites like Amaz, ek0p and the Polish hopeful Lothar. Those matches will start soon, with Root Gaming's own Amaz taking the spotlight on stream against Romanian Silviu.

18:59 CEST - UnitedStates Reynad Miracles his way to Round 3

The final game of the second round at the Sala Polivalenta is in the books with Reynad coming back from a 0-1 deficit to still make it through. The popular, yet controversial streamer with haters and admirers equally distributed in Twitch chat, could make the comeback happen - basically with the help of his Miracle Rogue variation. His adversary TanakhT had the better start in the Hunter mirror, but then dropped off with the Miracle Rogue pounding in huge chunks of damage every turn. 

The American completed the list of 32 players still in contention, a list that plenty of other seeded players also made. Right before Reynad's success Rdu actually made it through as well, following up his impressive sweep against Gnimsh with yet another 2-0 beatdown against MyRevenge. The Romanian looks poised to make a run deep into the bracket and maybe even into the Final eight, as his branch of the bracket shows no big names left anymore. 

Round three kicks off in a few minutes with German hopeful Gaara fighting against Wampie slayer ToonKing for the first spot in the Sweet Sixteen.

18:12 CEST - The Nuts does it again

The master of the Druid has done it again. StrifeCro has absolutely no problem with his second round opponent Spo, winning the first big clash between two well-known and established players at Bucharest. While Spo still joins the list of notable drop-outs and has is Bucharest journey come to a stop after just two games, he at least got eliminated by one of the best Hearthstone players of the current age. The reigning SeatStory Cup champion and ESGN Fight Night veteran from the United States is moving on with his run, trying to secure yet another major accomplishment in the world of Hearthstone.

Other matches from this round have not been played, mostly due to the swiftness of StrifeCro's victory - Reynad's second appearance will take center stage on the official Bucharest stream next.

17:42 CEST - ek0p, Amaz, Lothar move on, Alesh and Wampie out

Half of the Round 2 matches are already in the books over in the capital of Romania and some more upsets have been recorded. The black day for Finland continues, as Wampie follows his fellow countrymen Savjz into elimination. The good performer in online tournament from the European team vVv couldn't get past ToonKing and is the latest addition to the notable drop-outs list. 

In the same list is TakeTV Invitational participant Alesh from eSuba. The Czech player faced off with local Romanian player surachai in the second round, not getting any trump cards whatsoever. The 2-0 sweep catapults him straight out of contention for the $10,000 USD and sets up a battle between Lothar and surachai in Round 3. 

The Polish player had a struggle against fion first, trailing 0-1 straight away, but used his Tempo Rogue to turn the series around. He was the first big name entering the third round of the competition and is now followed by the currently reigning NESL King of the Hill Amaz and ek0p, who both dominated their respective Round 2 clashes.

Also still in it to win it is the German teammate of Reynad, Gaara and the conqueror of Savjz, Vinceroz. Both can now enjoy the short break before the next round will officially kick off. With the fate still hanging in the balance and waiting for their match are stars like StrifeCro, Spo, Reynad and Gnimsh slayer, Rdu. Those will be in action in the next few minutes to close out the second round for good.

15:48 CEST - Sacrificing Highmane for the greater good

The first round of the big Hearthstone tournament at DreamHack Bucharest is officially in the books - and it ended with fireworks. Popular streamer and fan favorite Reynad had his back against the wall in Game 2 of his match against Romanian local hero Zmin, but fought himself back in impressive fashion. The casters around Kripp, Frodan and Gnimsh were baffled, the chat exploded and everyone watching it had to be in awe of the play. Reynad sacrificed his own frozen Savannah Highmane to get additional draws and be able to finish off the match before a Pyroblast could find his face.

With that Reynad avoids elimination and can fight another round. Round 2 will be him against Czech player TanakhT, who himself made a minor upset happening in Round 1. In his match against Greece weekly cup veteran Logan from Team Refuse, he edged out a 2-1 victory to stay in the race for the $10,000 USD prize pool.

The first round is now concluded and Round 2 will kick off with Polish hopeful Lothar playing against fion on stream. Other stars like ek0p, Wampie and Gaara are also first in line to play their matchups - all starting within the next minutes.

15:05 CEST - Poland Gnimsh out of the running

They were once teammates, now they can lick their wounds on the sideline of the Bucharest tournament. Gnimsh is following Savjz out of the tournament, going down to Rdu in the first round. With that the tournament has already provided some upsets right away - proving the unpredictability of a single elimination tournament in Hearthstone.

Gnimsh and Savjz are not the only high-profiled players that have already played their last card in the tournament, as vVv's very own Ostkaka from Sweden is also out. Seeded in the same branch of the bracket as Savjz, most anticipated those two big names to meet up in Round 4 of the competition - now they can meet up observing other players from a far. 

With that potential big match out of the way, Round 2 is giving everyone a huge match to look out for, with the SeatStory Cup Champion StrifeCro facing off with Swedish star player Spo. The Swede will look to keep his vVv team in the mix, making up for Ostkaka's early exit. 

Still left with their first round matches on the horizon are Reynad and Logan, who might potentially face each other in Round 2 as well.

13:46 CEST - Local underdog takes down Finland Savjz

The ground seemed cursed. Savjz is the first casualty of the single elimination format throughout the entire event, losing his best-of-three against the unknown player of Vinceroz. That shatters the dreams of the Finnish player straight away, who couldn't break the armor of Vinceroz' control Warrior with neither is Hunter nor his Druid. 

Savjz is the first name to be dropped down, as other notable players like Lothar, Alesh, Gaara, Wampie, ek0p and Amaz have survived the initial round already. Still with their first match ahead are Ostkaka, StrifeCro, Spo, IEM Katowice Champion Gnimsh and popular streamer Reynad. As soon as more news are coming out of the Sala Polivalenta, we will get you updated.