Learn to play the Control Mage, Jaina's new top tier archetype

Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

For the longest time, Mage was played in one of two ways: Tempo or Freeze. Any deviation from those two archetypes, such as the occasional Fatigue Mage during the echo of medivh era, or the open the waygate builds in early Un’Goro remained nothing more than niche, short-lived specs.

Thanks to Hearthstone legend player Psy_Gunther, however, this is no longer the case. Psy_Gunther found a new build which pushes the Discover mechanic to its limits and empowers a deck that can adapt to basically any situation. This Control Mage is a fusion of multiple styles, able to play all of aggro, control, tempo and freeze combo style, depending on the match-up, making it a difficult opponent to beat.

Control Mage feasts on the value provided by arcanologist, medivh's valet and kabal courier in the early game and builds towards even more value in the late game through cards like medivh, the guardian and firelands portal. The wide variety and quantity of removal spells also helps the deck get through a match of Hearthstone.

As all control decks, this one isn’t the easiest to pilot, but it’s a great alternative to Freeze Mage, being both simpler and effective in the current metagame. Those who master the archetype’s many play modes will see no trouble hitting legend.

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