Into The Wild: Miracle Rogue

Hearthstone Michael “Zechs_” Radford

Last week I wrote about the most successful deck I have ever played. I was consistently winning games with a deck that was consistently doing the same thing.

This week I played pretty much the exact opposite. I always thought Miracle Rogue was named after its ability to win games in a miraculous fashion by drawing through its entire deck. After playing the deck in Wild for the past week I think the name refers to the fact that winning a game feels like a miracle. To say Miracle Rogue is a complicated deck is a little misleading. Yes, it is hard to play, but a large part of that is because you often have little control over what happens. Most of the time you are behind the wheel of this deck is spent trying desperately to keep it on the road, pointing it in vaguely the right direction and hoping for the best.

I have won match-ups which seem unwinnable on the surface and lost twice to a deck which looked like it should have been a freebie. After seven games I was 3-4 and really didn’t want to play the deck at all any more. Indeed, I only ended up with 12 games in the sample this week but now I sort of want to play it some more. Miracle Rogue does weird things to your brain.

I can’t recommend this deck to players looking to climb the ladder for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that it is incredibly inconsistent. Sometimes you make a 12/12 Vancleaf and murder your opponent in no time; sometimes you draw a bunch of cards and die with nothing on board; sometimes you stall for long enough to throw a bunch of Malygos-powered burn spells at your opponent. The latter is super fun, but also super rare. Generally speaking, Wild is just not a format where you can afford to durdle around and hope to win on turn 10.

The other biggest issue is that the deck’s inconsistency can be incredibly frustrating. You can beat aggro decks if you draw exactly the right cards, but you are a dog without spellpower-boosted Fan of Knives. Hallucination and Swashburglar can help out a lot against Aggro Shaman, for example, but they can also whiff completely - especially Swashburglar. Cool Totemic Might, bro.

So I don’t know what decks Miracle Rogue is good against and I’m not 100% sure what it is bad against. Partly that’s because I got frustrated with the deck so early and gave up playing it. I also had much less time to play this week than usual, so that didn’t help. Honestly, all I can really say about Miracle Rogue is that if you enjoy piloting a crazy deck that occasionally just loses to itself this is for you. It can do some exciting, explosive stuff, but sometimes the explosives go off in your face and leave you with no eyebrows.

If you prefer to win games: play Secret Mage. That’s what I’m doing.


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