Xixo: "We don't need more expansions, we need better expansions"

Hearthstone “Matthieist”

It is January 12, the first day of WESG's final stage. Players from all over the world have fought their way through regional and continental qualifiers to take part in the $300,000 event - the largest third party tournament ever in the history of Hearthstone. Amongst the players is Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert. The German had a dominant performance in 2016, but still he is not satisfied: "I think I can do better in 2017", he tells our on-site editor Matthieist.

I think I can do better in 2017

An interesting comment, since the only thing missing from Xixo's list in 2016 appears to be HCT. However, later he adds: "I don't value Blizzcon that highly. It's a card game; you can be consistent but you can't win everything. If Blizzcon is the one I get unlucky in, but I win everything else, that's fine with me."

A question always circling around in Hearthstone is: "Is the current meta fine?". Those paying attention to Xixo's Twitter feed will know he has some specific cards in mind: "[card]Patches the Pirate[/card] and [card]Kazakus[/card] are just too strong for other decks to exist." On the follow-up question whether or not he's fine with today's meta, he states: "This expansion was a preparation for the [Standard] rotation that comes with the next expansion. So I'm not fine with the meta right now, but if it's two more months of this and we get a new meta with the rotation, that's cool."

After the interview Xixo proceeded to reach fourth place at WESG, snatching up $20,000 and continuing his consistent performance of 2016.


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