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Hearthstone Radoslav “Nydra” Kolev

 HCT EU Winter Preliminaries


Norway BunnyHoppor Druid Aggrodin Zoo Patrons
Kazakhstan Naiman Tempo Mage Secretadin Aggro Shaman Zoo
France Tars Druid Tempo Mage Secretadin Zoo
Czech Republic Pokrovac Eggadin Oil Rogue Zoo Patrons
Germany Nicslay Druid Secretadin Token Zoo Patrons


 Assembly Winter


France Torlk RenoLock OTK Paladin Druid RenoMage
Netherlands Vortex Druid Secrets Paladin MalyLock Freeze Mage
United Kingdom Blackout Patrons Freeze Mage Oil Rogue Druid
France Kalaxz MalyLock Oil Rogue Control Warrior Freeze Mage
Sweden Spo Freeze Mage Druid RenoLock Secrets Paladin
Sweden Orange Secrets Paladin Oil Rogue Hybrid Hunter Aggro Druid
Czech Republic Synthetic Druid Tempo Mage Zoo Secrets Paladin
Sweden Technogoose  Freeze Mage Secrets Paladin Aggro Shaman RenoLock


 StarLadder i-League Finals


Ukraine Kolento Zoo Druid OTK Pala Oil Rogue
United States Dog Demonlock Patrons Freeze Mage Dragon Priest
United States Jab Patrons Secrets Pala Druid Tempo Mage
China Robin Zoo Druid Aggro Shaman Secrets Paladin
United Kingdom Cipher Renolock Freeze Mage Secrets Paladin Druid
China Lvxiaobu Renolock Druid OTK Pala Aggro Shaman
Korea Surrender Druid Zoo Secrets Paladin Oil Rogue
Czech Republic StanCifka Control Priest Secrets Paladin    




The top 14 decklists at the start of 2016

France Torlk's RenoZoo WARLOCK
United States Kibler's Midrange HUNTER
Ukraine Kolento's OTK Murlock PALADIN
United Kingdom FalconePunch's Dreadsteed WARLOCK
United States Firebat's Dragon WARRIOR




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