Class statistics from tournament play: July 2014

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 06 August 2014 16:00

GosuGamers' statistics corners return for a Hearthstone edition where we crunch numbers and look at who were the best and most popular classes in tournament environment.

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Welcome to the first edition of the tournament stats corner for Hearthstone.

Taking after the idea of similar League of Legends and Dota 2 articles we've done in the past, the Hearthstone stats corner will aim to collect and organize data from tournaments and showmatches (where class data is available, of course) and put it all in graphic form. 

Now, since this is the first month of this statistical analysis, we won't be able to show win-rate and popularity changes or provide analysis of the latter. Of course, future editions will tackle this problem as we'll look into raw stats to track how things change with patches or when a new cookie cutter deck is invented. We'll also seek correlation between tournament and ladder play to see if there are major differences between the two environments.

For this report, we've looked into a total of 21 tournaments and showmatches (a list is provided below) which made for more than 480 matches played.


Deck Wars Season 2, Episodes 6-10
IHearthU King of the Hill, Episodes 28-30
DKMR Invitational, Episodes 4-7
NESL King of the Hill, Episodes 22-24
IEM Shenzhen
DreamHack Valencia
WEC European Qualifiers
IeSF Finnish Qualifiers
Gentlemen Cup, Weeks 8-10


Class stats - spread sheet and win rate/most played graphs


33 9-4 9-4 4-4 1-0 25-35 13-9 31-32 10-11
4-9 - 3-1 0-2 - 5-3 2-1 5-3 4-0
4-9 1-3 1 1-0 - 5-2 1-2 3-4 -
4-4 2-0 0-1 1 - 1-5 1-0 2-3 0-1
0-1 1-0 - - - 1-1 - 1-0 1-0
35-25 3-5 2-5 5-1 1-1 29 12-10 28-29 7-5
9-13 1-2 2-1 0-1 - 10-12 1 11-11 0-4
32-31 3-5 4-3 3-2 0-1 29-28 11-11 21 7-7
11-10 0-4 - 1-1 0-1 5-7 4-0 7-7 2

Note: The numbers in the blue cells represent the number of mirror matches that have been played



Only non-mirrors are taken into account when calculating win rates

Can you spot the anomaly? Good, let's move on.

Leaving all the japes how Priest is "clearly OP", a closer look at the Hunter ought to be paid. Hunter is one of the only other class next to Priest with a clear cut discrepancy between times it's been played and games it has won. Rexxar is almost at 55% win-rate, making him the second most winning class but has played only 42 games, making him the fourt least popular class.

This comes to show just what the Hunter is in tournament play - a counter class. Players are resorting to the beast master when they know they'll be facing classes like Miracle, Warlock, Warrior or Mage and the Hunter does deliver against them. The Hunter usually loses the next set to a Druid but there are no flawless classes after all. 

Moving down the "Most winning" chart and correlating it with the "Most played" one, one can clearly see what the trend for the July meta was - Druid, Rogue and Warlock. All of these three classes have played more than 200 games, beating the fourth in the rankings - Shaman - by a huge margin.

Of these three, Rogue performed the best, pinning a 53,75% win-rate and having very few bad match-ups, mostly against Hunter and Mage. Druid and Warlock are right in the middle, slightly above 50%, in a way dispersing the myth that Druids are unbeatable and Handlock/Zoo is imbalanaced.

Kolento and Rdu might've returned some faith into Mage and Paladin but, alas, statistics show differently and they're on the bottom of both charts - unloved and underperforming. Somewhat surprising is seeing Shaman in the bottom three of the win rate chart but careful examination of the numbers show the ugly truth - Thrall is not winning enough games against Druids and Rogues and with those being the popularity kings, the Shaman win rate was bound to suffer.


Win rates per class


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