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Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

Dota Valkyries and Into the Breach have partnered up for a co-ed charity tournament to support Safe in Our World. 

Into Valhalla is a co-ed Dota 2 charity tournament supporting Safe In Our World, designed to provide a safe competitive space for women and non-binary players.

This event is yet another in a string of positive and progressive initiatives from Dota Valkyries to create change and promote healthy gaming for all. 

The main goal of Safe In Our World is to create and foster worldwide mental health awareness within the video game industry; to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health, to make it a natural topic of discussion, and to promote the dialogue surrounding mental health so people are not afraid to reach out for help if they need it.

DotaValkyries is a project and initiative that aims to support women in casual Dota 2 as well as in the pursuit of a professional career. 

They launched one year ago and since then has made not just a footprint but a deep impression for women within the Dota 2 scene. 

The organization has supported women across all aspects of industry work from background and support functions to competing in online and LAN events and to showcasing their talent in broadcasting and coaching. 


A team must consist of a minimum of 5 players, with a minimum of 2 female or non-binary players and a maximum of 3 male players. This includes any registered subs. 

  • HUNT
  • aqui la chicks
  • Average Beer Enjoyers
  • Sailor Guardians
  • Double Tap
  • HiveMind 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Zero Opacity
  • xxx123
  • Queer Eye for the Ogre Magi
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Claymore
  • Underlord Secret Keeper
  • Goodnight Snes Undertale


  • Participants
    • Thirteen teams
      • Eight teams advance from the group stage
  • Group Stage – June 6th - June 10th, 2022
    • Two groups
    • Single round-robin
    • All matches are Bo1
    • Top four teams from each group advance to the playoffs
    • Remaining teams are eliminated
  • Playoffs – June 11th - June 12th, 2022
    • Double-elimination bracket
    • All matches except Grand Final are Bo1
    • Grand Final is Bo3


Group Stages

The Group stages will be 5 games played in the week before the playoffs, so from the 6th to the 10th of June. The default schedule for these matches will be as follows: 

  • Monday 6th - 19:00 CEST
  • Tuesday 7th - 19:00 CEST
  • Wednesday 8th - 19:00 CEST
  • Thursday 9th -19:00 CEST, 20:30 CEST
  • In the case of a tie there will be two extra games added on Friday 10th
    • Friday 10th - 19:00 CEST, 20:30 CEST


  • Saturday 11th 
    • Upper Bracket Quarter-Finals 
      • 11:00 CEST, 12:30 CEST, 14:00 CEST, 15:30 CEST
    • Upper Bracket Semi-Finals
      • 17:00 CEST, 18:30 CEST
    • Upper Bracket Finals
      • 20:00 CEST
  • Sunday 12th 
    • Lower Bracket Round 1
      • 11:00 CEST, 12:30 CEST
    • Lower Bracket Quarter-Finals
      • 14:00 CEST, 15:30 CEST
    • Lower Bracket Semi-Finals
      • 17:00 CEST
    • Lower Bracket Finals
      • 18:30 CEST
    • Grand Finals
      • 20:00 CEST

Broadcast Talent

  • Host:
    •  Sparks (Laura Bouman)
  • Commentators:
    •  Cap (Austin Walsh)
    •  BSJ (Brian Canavan)
    •  Epidamnos (Liam Gilson)
    •  T-Panda (Rikumikko Matias Kangasmäki)
    •  Wishful_Kit (Kit Vickery

Engish Broadcast: twitch.tv/intothebreachtv

Prize Pool

The prize pool for the tournament is £500 GBP (~ $625) in addition to gear provided by Xtrfy

Place £ GBP Team
 1st Place £250  TBD
 2nd Place £125  TBD
 3rd Place £75  TBD
 4th Place £50  TBD
5th-6th Place -  TBD
7th-8th Place -  TBD
8th-13th Place -  TBD
 Underlord Secret Keeper*


* Underlord Secret Keeper withdrew from the tournament on 6th June


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Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani
Pandora is a behind the scenes Dota 2 professional Jack of All Trades. When not busy with Dota 2 work, she is out trying to save the world or baking cupcakes. Follow her on Twitter @pandoradota2


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