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Europe DPC league takes a wild turn: Liquid tied for first place, Secret tied for relegation

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The intermediate results in Europe Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) league, upper division at the end of the fourth week are far from what most fans would have pictured.

From all the teams competing for a ticket to the second Major of the year, Alliance are probably the only ones matching the expectations, if not exceeding them a little. However, after the big reveal of their newest coach from earlier this week, nobody should really be surprised with them improving on their past season results. Nonetheless, after staying undefeated during the first three weeks of league play, Alliance were inflicted the first loss by Brame.

In fact, May the fourth has truly been special. Not only that Brame beat Alliance, but Tundra Esports also took down OG, which at the end of the week translates into interesting ties with just two series to go for almost everyone competing in season two.

A win from Team Liquid over Tundra, registered last night, puts the former tied for first place in upper division with Alliance and heading into week five of matches Liquid will play what is bound to be the most important series of the season for Team Secret.  

Secret’s hard to believe overall series score after four weeks of league matches got to a negative record last night after playing what can easily be regarded the most intense and the best series of the DPC so far.

OG were their adversaries, who themselves also desperately needed a win to keep the Major dream alive. The encounter delivered crazy Dota right from the first game. Without spoiling too much, for those who haven’t seen the series live last night, we must highlight the fact that both teams were even in farm and kills 30 minutes into the game and the one who made the difference was Martin "Saksa" Sazdov with an astonishing Clockwerk performance.

Despite closing it 2-0, the series overall is a must watch. The second game’s limelight was hijacked by Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, on Dazzle, whose saves outshined even the big brain decision making Anathan "ana" Pham, who survived a team fight with 1HP on Phantom Lancer by perfectly anticipating when to swap the Power Threads from Agility to Strength.

Last night's series outcome opened the door for what’s about to be an extremely close race in the European region for the second and last Major of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit.

Ahead of week five Alliance and Liquid are tied 4-1 for the first place finish, which will bring Major playoffs seed, Secret, Brame and Tundra will fight with relegation on the line, while OG and Nigma are at the middle of the pack with a 3-2 overall series score and can still hope for a top two finish. So make sure to tune in next week and the one after it to witness how this second DPC season will conclude.

Europe upper division standings after week 4 

Team M W D L P
7 6 0 1 18
7 5 0 2 15
7 4 0 3 12
7 4 0 3 12
7 3 0 4 9
7 3 0 4 9
7 3 0 4 9
7 0 0 7 0
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