• Name Andreea Esanu
  • Location Romania
  • Date of birth Nov 4, 1981
  • Primary game Dota 2
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Zephyr, of course! Thx for pointing it out, fixed.

Article 9/7/17, 1:49 PM

That team ID is for Digital Chaos DIGITAL CHAOS (ID: 2512249) Player Status Primary/Sub BuLba(Kanishka Sosale) Pro Player Primary. Forev(Sang Don Lee) Pro Player Primary. DuBu(Doo-young Kim) Pro Player Primary. Abed(Abed Azel L. Yusop) Pro Player Primary. mason(Mason Venne) Pro Player Primary.

Article 5/24/17, 12:22 PM

Thanks! That’s the autocorrect playing smart on us

Article 5/11/17, 9:16 AM

The Summit usually has eight teams in the main event. So, with 4 coming from qualifier rounds this time around, you have to decide only on 4 direct invites =) As for IG, I really can’t tell you why they are not invited. (note that VG J is not playing qualifiers, I guess we have to wait and see if China has a direct invite)

Article 4/6/17, 12:34 PM

I meant SL i-League #3, sorry for the confusion, fixed now

Article 3/27/17, 9:43 PM

Na’Vi is playing in the CIS qualifiers because rmN- has dual citizenship, German and Russian. Before DAC qualifiers, where Na’Vi played in EU region, Dendi said in an interview that DAC organizers placed Na’Vi in the EU competition without asking them. Here is the interview http://read.navi-gaming.com/en/team_news/dendi_interview_cc

Article 3/10/17, 10:17 AM

they said the main focus for the team right now is to practice for the Kiev Major. u can find the info on their official website

Article 1/24/17, 3:46 PM

the post also has an archive: http://archive.is/4OEUP

Article 10/9/16, 11:10 PM
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