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Dota 2 Cristy “Pandoradota2” Ramadani

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Aliwi “w33” Omar has been moved to inactive status and will be considered the 6th player of Team Nigma effective immediately. 

Sometimes stars just don't align and changes need to be made to get the desired results. 

Team Nigma arrived at the ONE Esports Singapore Major with Roman "rmN-" Paley in place of van "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov. Right from the start they struggled to find synergy and had ended up being eliminated in the wild card stage —a last-place finish and no DPC points or money earned. 

Aliwi “w33” Omar had been with the team since June 2019 when in the moments before the last Major of the 2018-2019 DPC season, the famed European team decided to part ways with longtime core player Lasse "MATUMBAMAN" Urpalainen.

A few weeks after TI9 where Team Liquid took second place, narrowly missing out on being the team to make history as two-time TI champions, the organization and Dota 2 players parted ways to create their own organization. 

Unfortunately, they never really achieved the results they were hoping for. 

Teams have a few more days to get their finalized rosters in order. The DPC 2021 Season 2 begins on April 13th. This will be the last league season for teams to compete for DPC points and a shot at the only remaining Major of the year. 

Team Nigma Current Roster : 

Jordan Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi
Bulgaria Ivan "MindControl" Ivanov
Lebanon Maroun "GH" Merhej
Germany Kuro Salhi "Kuroky-" Takhasomi

Romania Aliwi “w33” Omar (Inactive/6thplayer)


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