The Frostivus winter event is back after three years of absence

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 15 December 2017 14:23

The 2017 Frostivus update is already live with a new treasure added to the game, which includes 21 community-created item sets, plus a Frostivus Festival Special Event.

Three months ago, on the 18th of September 2017, Valve announced a Frostivus custom game contest with $30,000 on the line for the winner. Late last night the winner was officially announced and the Frostivus Festival Special Event was introduced to the game. VicFrank (workshop steam profile here) created the winning entry and his work is now added into the game in the 2017 Frostivus Festival Special Event.

Along with the Frostivus Festival mini games, the update brought us a new treasure which can be purchased in game for €2.10, but in the true spirit of giving Valve decided to gift the treasure to all players who win three Dota 2 games. The treasure contains 18 astonishing item sets with the chance of unlocking a rare Batrider set, a very Rare Wraith King set, or an extremely rare Puck set. The Frostivus 2017 Treasure also brings the first-ever full item set for Jakiro who was just recently remodeled and had his first cosmetic head piece added into the game with The International 2017 Trove Carafe.


Elder Convergence head detail


Elder Convergence is the first-ever item set for the two-headed dragon and was created by Mihalceanu, a workshop contributor who also created the first-ever Viper item set accepted into the game. Fervid Monarch was introduced only last month to Dota 2, with the Treasure of the Venerable One. Mihalceanu is submitting items in the Dota 2 workshop for over five years now, and his first entry into the game was the Windranger Sunlit bow which was submitted on the 3rd of September 2012. He is also the creator of the first-ever Skywrath Mage item set, the Arms of Retribution, introduced to Dota 2 on the 30th of May 2013.

“I just like dragons” told me Mihalceanu this morning when I congratulated him for the Jakiro Elder Convergence set. And just like Mihalceanu, who feels more inspired to create dragons related artwork, a group of artists from England, known in the workshop as the DNADota Artists Team, seem to be truly inspired when it comes to Batrider cosmetics.

Creators of the absolutely amazing Flight of the Marauding Pyro item set and the Manta Ryder aquatic themed set which was available in the International 2017 Collectors Cache, DNADota delivered for the Frostivus treasure another Batrider piece of art, Apex Explorer.

DNA Dota have in fact two sets accepted in the Frostivus 2017 Treasure. Besides the Apex Explorer, which is a rare drop, they also have the Portent Payload Gyrocopter set which has a normal chance drop. Below you can find the full list of set items from the Frostivus 2017 Treasure along with the artist who created them:

Keeper of the Light - Forgotten Renegade by LaughingSkyPig
Pudge - Iron Hog by Katzeimsack
Jakiro - Elder Convergence by Mihalceanu
Alchemist - Boilerplate Bruiser by style_d
Brewmaster- Icebrew Angler by Solmir
Broodmother - Epoch of the Abysm by ChiZ
Lone Druid - War-Burrow Ravager by sir_AXE
Tidehunter - Frostshard Ascendant by CiDDi
Gyrocopter - Portent Payload by DNADota
Troll Warlord - Icewrack Marauder by ChiZ
Beastmaster - Stoutheart Growler by Pernach
Tusk - Eye of the Weathered Storm by Dr. Robo
Arc Warden - Purveyor of the First Ways by Jocz
Crystal Maiden - Winter's Warden by Dr. Robo
Viper - Sign of the Netherfrost by Hunter
Dragon Knight - Bitterwing Legacy by MisaMisa
Sniper - Seasoned Expeditionary by Solmir
Axe - Snowpack Savage by Growl
Batrider - Apex Explorer by DNADota (rare drop chance)
Wraith King - Dark Reservoir by Katzeimsack (very rare drop chance)
Puck - Curious Coldspell by LaughingSkyPig (ultra rare drop chance)


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