New patch hinted by Valve to come in one month

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Valve’s Dota 2 developers are busy bees working on the next patch and they want the community to come up with a custom game for this year’s Frostivus season.

The Frostivus Custom Game contest has a $30,000 prize on the line for the winning entry. The contest rules are pretty loose, the proposals having to be Frostivus themed, and can be a cooperative or competitive mode. The competition is open until November 20, when the final custom game mode must be submitted in the workshop with the name tag “Frostivus 2017″. The entire list of rules can be found here.

Frostivus was firstly introduced to Dota 2 as a custom game to celebrate the 2012 winter season. Back then, players would transform into their Greevils and compete to clear out more Greevil camps than the opposing team. The towers and buildings from both sides were invincible, and no lane or jungle creeps spawned. Instead of destroying the enemy's ancient, each team had to kill Greevils spawning in certain areas around the map.

2012 Frostivus trailer:

For the next year's winter event, back in 2013, Frostivus was launched at the beginning of December and it was a pre-event where the community had to collect enough souls in the Wraith-Night game mode to awaken Wraith King himself. It took the community only two days to complete the goal, and once WK was awakened, he was introduced in the game, as a reworked model of Skeleton King. This was the last winter/Frostivus event we had in Dota 2 and starting with 2014 Valve released custom games for the New Bloom Festival and starting with the introduction of Majors, each year we had seasonal Battle Passes.

For this year winter season Valve is announcing a lot of exciting things to come. In the 2017 Frostivus contest announcement they’ve hinted the launch of The Dueling Fates patch which they say, it will be available “ahead of the Frostivus season”. “We are still hard at work on it and don’t have an exact release date, but we are expecting it to take about another month to finish the content” said Valve in their blog post from last night.

The Dueling Fates patch was teased during TI7 when it was revealed that two brand new heroes will be added to the game.

Until The Dueling Fates patch will be ready for launch, the Dota 2 fans will be spoiled with a shiny new episode of True Sight. This new episode will be focused on The International 2017 player experience and more likely will be centered on Team Liquid’s days in Seattle. The new episode will go live next Tuesday, September 26 and will be available in the Steam Library.

True Sight ep.5 teaser:

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The Dueling Fates patch
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  • Julius "Zipparn" Holmberg ,
    I want them to trim the client of useless data. Game client storage size has swolen a lot in the last year. 18541 Megabyte on my harddrive. Dota didn't use to have this size.
  • Hitanshu "Anomalina" Budhwani ,
    I just want to be able to recycle items again. My OCD can't handle six billion useless and incomplete random drops.
  • James "Yared" A ,
    Most of those changes were in place way before TI7. Then the powers that be decided what we have seen. Sometimes they realize things when players already left.


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