Team Secret claim a spot at ESL One Hamburg

Dota 2 Jarrad “Belandrial” Adams

Team Secret took down SFTe-sports to secure the EU spot at the upcoming ESL One Hamburg Major.

After receiving a direct invite to the Perfect World Masters Minor just two days ago, Team Secret continued their march upwards. While their direct invite to the Minor taking place in November came as a shock to many, the team were still involved in regional qualification for the Major taking place in October. As the qualifiers for each region for the Dota 2 season’s first Major drew to a close in each region and the event took shape, Team Secret pulled out a clean sweep victory over SFTe-sports to ensure their ticket fort ESL One Hamburg 2017.

ESL One Hamburg Major


The Major will see eight teams from around the world battle it out for a superb $1,000,000 prize pool, as the new season of Dota 2 kicks off. Team Liquid and Newbee had been directly invited to the event, while Team Secret had claimed the EU qualifier spot. Virtus.Pro managed to hold their own – even against what seemed to be a dominant Natus Vincere squad, as they took down Team Spirit and claimed the CiS spot. With the regional qualifiers for each region now complete, the eight teams who will be competing at ESL One Hamburg are as follows:

Europe Team Liquid
China Newbee
Europe Team Secret (Europe qualifier)
Russia Virtus.Pro (CIS qualifier)
China Keen Gaming (China qualifier)
Philippines HappyFeet (South East Asia qualifier)
UnitedStatesEvil Geniuses (North America qualifier)
Brazil SG e-sports (South America qualifier)

With just under a month until the Major kicks off, we look forward to seeing all these teams perform against one another. Team Secret will have a lot to prove with their new squad and will definitely be looking to make a fantastic showing and start the season off on the front foot – much like all 8 teams, including our TI7 winners and runners-up. You can keep up with all the ESL One Hamburg news here.


Are you suprised by some of the qualified teams?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Greg "The.cross" Hopp ,
    Definitely surprising outcomes, New SG(SA) this is a surprise considering no one knew how any of these teams would do since they all have little experience playing together. Happy Feet(SEA) this team has not qualified for an event of this magnitude since they started playing together, around 6 months back, so this was an upset for me. Keen Gaming!!! This is a major upset! This team is full of no names that have probably barely even played in main qualifiers...yet beat both iG squads and LGD...this could be the team to watch. None of the other teams would have any idea of what to expect from Keen Gaming. I hope to see some unpredictable Dota at the live event.
    • jp "MasterYumi" ryuuzaki ,
      keen gaming is just ehome keen but under different brand since ehome keen and luminous went and started their own brand (keen gaming) so its not like we havent seen them play in qualifiers b4 they have done well in qualifers b4 and in the single elimination format anything can happen and they just played the better games over the rest. and no offense on them but igv is so much weaker compared to b4 just as ig is without burning so dont expect much from those 2 teams. but to take out lgd gaming just proves that lgd is super inconsistant, they can beat and lose to anyone in china
      • Greg "The.cross" Hopp ,
        I did realize who Keen Gaming were later that day, but thanks for pointing that out. Personally I know of China's inconsistent teams, yet they don't all tend to fail at once, so I have high hopes for Keen Gaming. Also I do think there were unexpected winners of the qualifiers. DC.SA was my pick for SA. Mineski or Clutch Gaming over Happy Feet any day for SEA. Then Keen for China who I spent the most time talking about. I just think the Lan portion of this tournament will be interesting and hopefully will end in some upsets.


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