Mineski to rebuild an international roster under Mushi’s command

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 20 March 2017 14:13

Following the Kiev Major qualifiers failure, Mineski will undergo their biggest change yet, dropping the idea of a full Filipino or Southeast Asian roster.

After repeated attempts at rebuilding the Fnatic Dota 2 team, Chai 'Mushi' Yee Fung decided to step down from the Malaysian team and search for other options for himself. At the Kiev Major qualifiers, Mushi was invited to help the secondary squad of Mineski to fight in the open brackets, but even so, Mineski Malaysia failed to reach the regional stage. At the same time, the main Mineski squad lost the battle for a ticket to Kiev in the lower bracket regional finals against TNC and finished third, which seems to bring another set of issues for the team members.

Mineski’s announcement from today is speaking about a full roster shuffle of the main squad, which might mean that the five players placed third at the Kiev Major SEA qualifiers, are now teamless.

The new international lineup will be a premiere for the Filipino organization, with players “hand-picked” by Mushi, who will also be the captain of the new squad. Since their creation, even before The 2011 International, Mineski has always focused on the SEA scene and had Dota 2 teams with players mainly from Philippines and occasionally from Malaysia and Singapore.

Mushi’s official statement:

I’m greatly honored to become the team captain for Mineski-Dota. After leaving Fnatic team, I received a call from Kenchi. He is one of the most respectable persons in the esports industry and is not just a friend of mine, but a mentor and brother to me. We both share the same vision for esports and with his sincerity, he managed to convince me to play under the wings of Mineski-Dota. Hence, we decided to work together to reform and put together a world class team. 

The new roster will be revealed in the upcoming weeks, and it’s not clear if it will retain the invitation at the Manila Masters Filipino qualifiers. Theoretically it should not as the team must have a full Filipino roster to be eligible to play in this specific qualifiers leg.  



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