OG sent to the TI6 lower bracket by MVP Phoenix

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The first day in the TI6 main event kicked off with the OG vs MVP Phoenix upper bracket matchup. OG came into the main event as winners of Group A and had the luxury to choose between Newbee and MVP from group B for their opening series.

Stakes of the game being a secured top six finish, both teams brought their Ace strategies and the day started with an amazing, top notch series.

Game One

For the first game of TI6 MVP Phoenix secured a classic draft for themselves with a full “run at them” hero lineup, placing Kim 'DuBu' Doo-young on Spirit Breaker for continuous harass. The full commitment for blood begun with the starting rune when MVP went with four heroes to contest the top rune and game one started with three kills at the minute zero. OG took the first blood and a second kill, however MVP Phoenix got a returning kill and secured both starting runes.

As expected, given their draft, the laning stage started in a extremely aggressive manner, MVP lurking with both Bounty Hunter and Dark Seer in mid lane to give their Phantom Assassin a good start against Amer 'Miracle-' Al-Barkawi Timbersaw. For the next couple of minutes Spirit Breaker disrupted all three lanes, charging almost on cooldown. But OG stopped the MVP play style with two wards placed in between the tier one and tier two tower top and middle lane to scout the incoming charges. This is how OG managed to transition to mid stage with a fair advantage as they grouped up mid lane and focused QO down multiple times.

MVP kept their composure and waited for the perfect moment to catch OG off guard with a perfect Chronosphere at the 16 minute mark  that yielded the first big team fight won by the Koreans. Understanding they needed to keep the momentum up, OG played the same aggressive game, continuously looking for pick offs and two kills secured in the MVP jungle, on Faceless Void and Bounty Hunter opened the chance for the first Roshan attempt. However, Lee 'FoREv' Sang-don alone stopped OG with a three men Vacuum on the Roshan Pit cliff, buying time for his Faceless Void to respawn and rejoin the fight. A three for two kill trade went in MVP’s favor and the Roshan mind games continued for the next couple of minutes, with the Koreans finally placing the Aegis on Phantom Assassin. That marked MVP’s full comeback into the game, who managed, from there on out, to outmaneuver OG in team fights with amazing kitting and zoning Chronos. With a second Roshan kill and Abyssal Blade finished on PA, MVP took game one victory in under 40 minutes.

Game Two

For the second game of the series OG went with a strong hero lineup for early push and teamfight with Johan 'N0tail' Sundstein on Terror Blade and a support Naga Siren reserving the last pick for Miracle- who got to play Outworld Devourer. MVP tried to react with a theoretically good team fight control draft but ended with a rather weak hero in these circumstances, namely a Venomancer for MP mid. The game started in a much lower pace than the previous one, first blood coming at the three minute mark on Andreas Franck 'Cr1t-' Nielsen’s Naga spotted warding the enemy jungle. The laning stage was completely won by OG who started to push the tier one towers  around five minutes into the game, which allowed them bit by bit to push MVP back into a defensive position. Although MVP’s Alchemist did a great job at getting his items really fast, it was not enough to stop OG’s aggression. A couple of completely off the mark Chronos from Forev and a very underfarmed Venomancer lost most of the fights for the Koreans and OG pushed the series into a decisive game three.

Game Three

In the last game of the series MVP brought back their Phantom Assassin and MP’s Invoker coupled with an Axe for Forev, all boosted by Ogre Magi, while OG reacted with an anti-push draft built around Tal 'Fly' Aizik’s Keeper of the Light and Miracle’s Tinker.

Similar to game one, Forev made the difference for MVP by starting the ganking as soon as he hit level six on Axe. Forev needed only five minutes to transition from brown boots to a dominating kill streak and a Blink Dagger. Playing extremely aggressive, Axe never died through the game and always found perfect two-three men calls to put MVP in the perfect position to win the teamfights. The Koreans had the game under control from start to finish and sent OG in the lower bracket at the end of 30 minutes of blood bath.

With their win against OG, MVP Phoenix is the first team to secure a top six finish at The International 6, and are the first to advance into the semi-finals.

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