ESL One Manila: Wings are the first finalists

Dota 2 Ben “PineappleCake” Tan

After a strange showing in game one, Wings Gaming went into game two and three looking like a different team, defeating Fnatic 2-1. With the victory, Wings are the first finalist at the ESL One Manila LAN event.

Game one

Towers fell quickly against Fnatic's Enchantress and Pugna, and by the ten minute mark, all of Wings's tier one towers were down. This provided an influx of gold to the attackers, allowing Fnatic to crush Wings in team fights. In order to recover from this, Wings attempted to take Rosh, but were thwarted on their first attempt and only succeeded the second time a few minutes later. However, this was too little, too late as Fnatic's Spectre finished his Radiance and allowed his team to easily waltz up Wings's high ground.

Game two

Several skirmishes happened in the early game, with the teams trading kills back and forth. This extended until Fnatic's Death Prophet reached level eleven - a moment Fnatic was waiting for before pushing. Despite having reached a power spike timing, Fnatic line-up's strength was off-set by Wings's cores who were able to farm and get kills more efficiently; this resulted in Fnatic being unable to take five on five fights, and eventually cost them the game.

Game three

The game was a slippery slope for Fnatic. During the laning stage, Fnatic's Spectre was shut down by the Lone Durid and Treant dual-lane while the mid lane broke even and the offlane got a slight advantage in favor of Fnatic. The tides of battle quickly swung into Wings's favor after their Outworld Devourer hit level six and started rotating. Finding a quick succession of kills with the help of Beastmaster and Witch Doctor, Wings propelled themselves into the lead and managed to easily eliminate Fnatic from ESL One Manila.

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Who will be the second finalists?

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  • lei "LeiZhang" zhang ,
  • Eyrie "EyrieMalevoire" Apolinario ,
    Fnatic choking on game 3 kek. They could had picked bane or phoenix but they went venge. They could had pick QOP since they need to be aggresive to stop Lone Druid's farm. And on that last pick Treant really caught them off guard, might as well pick Veno as their last pick for full yolo.


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