MVP Phoenix falls to TNC in BTS Southeast Asia #3 finals

Dota 2 Edmund “Llama_lord” Munday

Less than a week out from the beginning of the Shanghai Majors group stages, MVP Phoenix has fallen to TNC in the finals for BTS Southeast Asia #3 in a nail-biting 3-2 finale.

MVP Phoenix and TNC have faced off in the finals of BTS Southeast Asia in a tense 5 match set. Both teams traded wins all the way through the finals until the victor was decided in a hair-raising final match that could have gone either way up until the last minute. What this means for MVP Phoenix, winners of the Shanghai Major SEA Qualifier, is yet to be seen as we head into the group stages for Shanghai next week.

Interesting drafting decisions by MVP Phoenix have placed some doubt over their ability to demonstrate the level of flexibility required to go toe-to-toe with the tier 1 teams of the EU, US, and Chinese regions. Throughout the series with TNC, MVP Phoenix consistently banned against push line-ups and relied heavily on picking up both the Earth Spirit and Zeus. This level of inflexibility, particularly in an SEA tournament, a region known more for its hyper-aggressive play than slow-push line-ups, could potentially demonstrate a weakness in MVP Phoenix’s drafting setup in 6.86e.

However, TNC have certainly redeemed themselves after their less than stellar performance during the Shanghai Major Qualifier. They take home $5000 USD and bragging rights within the SEA region. However, it remains to be seen whether TNC can maintain their upward swing and continue to compete with SEA heavyweights like MVP Phoenix and Mineski.

Oh, and for a little teaser of the action, check out the nail-biting finale to game 5.

For more details on the matches, head over to the Gosugamers.net tournament page and let us know in the comments what your thoughts were on the finals.

 Prize pool distribution taken from beyondthesummit.tv.


Does MVP Phoenix have what it takes to make it to the top two in their group at the Shanghai Major?

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  • kerrigan "kerriganabednego" abednego ,
    great games, poor casting. not mainly because of his english (very thai/chinese) but on his overall knowledge of Dota and he can't catch up on the actions. we need a better caster for SEA matches.
  • Joven "jovenr" Ramos ,
    love the game , and the casting
  • renel "oisilener1982" isio ,
    We love Xyclops! I actually laughed at the voice of Xyclops. He casted five games straight and with that ending = pure fun
  • Von "wowch" Mapa ,
    Xyclopz has to minimize the use of the phrase "How is this even possible" he keeps on syaing that in every single match he is casting". Otherwise the shift from being a "MEMER" (as what LODA describes them) to a more serious caster with lots of insights upon the game is doing fine.. not at all great but its still good nonetheless..
  • Edgar John "ejbayabos" Bayabos ,
    i still dont undestand why xyclopz have so many fans. im not hatin because of his voice, its fine. (i dont care about that, because winter is also like that, and i love winter).. but when hes casting, he is always talking about obvious staff, nonesense jokes, nonesense thing, etc.. you cant learn from that guy unlike other casters, like merlini, winter, LD, godz..
  • Slurp "slurp778" slurp ,
    To be honest there's no professional caster available in sea region, we only have xyclopz, the best memer. So yeah, I enjoy his casting
  • renel "oisilener1982" isio ,
    There is life aside from dota 2. I just watch livestreams to enjoy so I don't need those professionals. Xyclops is enough.
  • Billy Joel "bjerq08" Esquivel ,
    wow. TnC beat Redemption, Mineski, and MVP.Ph in this tourney. I hope they become a more consistent and fearsome team in SEA.
  • jeff "mujeff" mariano ,
    Tnc needs to be consistent. Theyre strong and got unpredictable drafting but theyre choking at times... like on the major qualifiers Well about the game the game was one hell of a game Xyclopz was kinda annoying Recently he's overhyping things and keeps talking nonsense


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