Captain’s Draft 3.0: Alliance and Evil Geniuses to meet again

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The long wait for the Captain’s Draft tournament to make its return is over! DotaCinema and MoonduckTV joined forces to bring us back the unconventional competition starting on Tuesday, January 19th.

The third installment of Captain’s Draft features a $100,000 prize pool and some of the finest teams from Europe, CIS and North America.

Although the prize pool has been significantly reduced compared with the last season, the number of teams attending has almost doubled. Fourteenth squads will challenge their drafting creativity skill across three stages of the tournament.

A total of eight teams will start in the qualifier stage where they will be playing in a best of three double elimination bracket with the top two advancing into the group stage.

Captain’s Draft qualifier participating teams:

Ukraine Na’Vi
United States Digital Chaos
United States CompLexity Gaming
Russia Team Spirit
Finland Stark eSports
Europe Steak Gaming
Russia Rox (ex Fantastic Five)
Belarus Power Rangers

The recent Starladder|i-League champions, Alliance, and the runners up, Evil Geniuses plus four more top tier teams will start the competition in the group stage. Unfortunately, the Captain’s Draft defending champions, Team Secret will not participate at this year’s edition, neither OG will.

The final eight teams will be split in two groups of four with the top two teams from each group securing an upper bracket seed for the playoffs while the bottom two will be seeded into lower bracket.

Captain’s Draft group stage participating teams:

United States Evil Geniuses
Russia Team Empire
Russia Vega Squadron
Russia Virtus.Pro
Europe Team Liquid
Sweden Alliance
Qualifier Winner #1
Qualifier Winner #2

Keep in mind that Captain’s Draft pool is made by a random selection of 27 heroes from the entire hero pool, meaning there is a chance to see the first competitive Arc Warden coming into play.

The entire tournament will be covered by MoonducTV on their twitch.tv channel.

source: moonduck.tv


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