Vega Squadron joins Team Secret in the ESL ONE NY grand finals

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After defeating the TI 5 champions, Vega continued their stellar performance in the semifinals where they steamrolled the former TI champions, Invictus Gaming.

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The second semifinals of the day started with an explosive game one in which Vega Squadron decided for the early game to focus only on ganks and creating chaos on the map. Their plan worked like a charm and only eight minutes into the game Vega was already forcing Invictus Gaming to rotate all their heroes in the mid lane. Even so, the Russians were not afraid to dive past the tier three towers chasing kills.
IG’s Doom had a terrible start and seemed too squishy for Vega’s core heroes while Rabbit on Sven was just a stun delivering device meant to secure the retreat of his team. But things changed drastically once Vega tried to finally push the mid tier one tower. Grouped as five they prioritized the damage on IG ‘s tower and ended up being team wiped by Chuan’s team.

That single fight proved to be enough for IG to finish key items on their Ember Spirit, Doom and Sven and from then on IG’s resilience became a problem for the Russians. Although they got caught from behind by a five man smoked Vega, they managed to survive as a team and wiped their opponents once again.  With all the BkB’s finished for IG the final base siege started around the 30 minute mark and ended with Vega admitting their defeat 37 minutes into the game.

The drafting phase for the second game brought into the spotlight the first Ursa pick. IG ended their line-up with a Venomancer in response.

Although Venomancer is one of the biggest counters for Ursa, Vega had a phenomenal Solo playing the man of many saves, Dazzle. As per usual the game started with a lot of aggressiveness coming up from the Russians but this time around Solo on his Dazzle saved his team too many times in a row and secured for Vega several successful five man tower dives.

The only thing that postponed IG’s defeat was the Venomancer and his counter pushing plague wards. After a few failed attempts to go on IG’s high ground, Vega secured a Roshan kill for 9pashaebashu and with the Aegis on Ursa they finally broke IG’s base and forced a decisive game three.

For the last game of the series IG drafted a heavy spell damage team fight oriented line-up with Gyrocopter, Eartshshaker and a Sand King but all their plans were shut down with a last pick support Silencer from Vega.

Both teams approached the elimination game extremely cautiously and as a result, ten minutes into the game the score board registered only one kill. But everything changed once Solo reached level six on his Ancient Apparition. He once again became the MVP for his team with perfect landed ultimates that helped Vega to wipe IG three times in a row within a five minutes time frame.

After 32 minutes of extreme domination Vega Squadron advanced to the ESL One New York grand finals where Team Secret were already waiting for them.

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