Big God pulls out of i-League during LAN

Dota 2 Sovann “Skim” Kim

The roster of retired players will be unable to continue to compete at the ongoing i-League LAN finals and will thus have to withdraw. Big God has been playing with Mikasa, who will follow his duty as a coach and flies out to Las Vegas with CDEC, leaving Big God with only four players left.

Xiao8 has posted on his qq that Big God will be unable to continue their participation at the currently ongoing i-League LAN Finals. It appears as if the roster consisting of former competitive players does not have a full roster, as Mikasa, who was only a stand-in for BurNing, will be flying out to Las Vegas as CDEC's coach for the D2L LAN finals.

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Despite Big God being an initially 6-man roster, including xiao8, rOtk, LaNm, BurNing, iceice and PC Cold, the team arrived two players short and with Mikasa as a stand-in. As to why neither BurNing nor PC Cold could attend remains speculation at this point.

This situation leaves i-League organizer ImbaTV in a pickle, considering that Big God already played out a match and the tournament is running in full steam. Just today, the retirees managed to beat Speed Gaming and qualified themselves for the semi-finals of the upper bracket. How ImbaTV decides to solve this situation - whether Speed Gaming will be relegated back into the upper bracket or not - is unclear at this point. GosuGamers has reached out to the organizers and we will keep you updated.

Source: Xiao8 qq

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