Rave takes down Arcanys in four games to win MPGL SEA 2014

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The Grand Finals of MPGL SEA 2014 are now over, and a new champion has been declared for the annual gaming event. The South Korea based Rave took down the local Philippine squad Arcanys in the last best-of-five series of the tournament, winning the first place prize of $17.000+.

The last weekend of November was full of action for the SEA DotA2 scene, with the main event of MPGL 2014 taking place in Philippines. Fourteen of the strongest teams of the region had to overcome their opposition, in a battle for $28,000. The event opened with a two-group round robin groupstage, which led to playoffs. In the end, Arcanys, Rave, NVIDIA Aces and Execration managed to top their groups, earning them the precious spot in the Upper Bracket of the playoffs. 

Round 2 - Best of 5

Despite being forced into the Lower Bracket by Rave (the team that survived the whole playoffs without losing a match) NVIDIA Aces managed to take down both Insidious Idol and Team Malaysia in their respective best-of-three series. Through their victories, they earned a spot in the Lower Bracket final against Arcanys, but the Philippines squad took down the Vietnamese representatives with a clean 2-0 to become the second grand finalist after Rave.

Rave entered the Grand Finals with a Winners Bracket advantage, earning a two-game lead in the first battle of the series using a tanky teamfight lineup. Using the solid Medusa-Templar Assassin combo, Arcanys managed to bounce back in the second battle. Nevertheless, the fragile TA pick did not work in the third game against the natural counters of Batrider and Venomancer, costing Arcanys the third game, the match and the title.

Prize Distribution : 

1st - Philippines Rave - $17,667
2nd - Philippines Arcanys - $7,361
3rd - Vietnam NVIDIA Aces - $4,417 


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