D2CL Finals - Team Tinker advances, to face Na`Vi

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The LAN playoffs of D2CL are currently ongoing at Dreamhack Masters, Bucharest, and Gosucrew members have traveled to the event to bring you live updates for the action.

Only four teams remain in the quest for the D2CL throne, as we have reached the offline phase of the tournament. Empire, Na'Vi, Sneaky Nyx Assassins and Team Tinker have all travelled to Bucharest and Dreamhack Masters to battle it out in the double elimination bracket of the playoffs. The matches started earlier today, with Na'Vi vs Empire at 11:00 CEST which was a steady 2-0 victory for Na´Vi, where Dendi picked himself Puck both games and it turned out to be the right decision. The other match of today is Team Tinker vs SNA at 15:30 CEST.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3



Live updates from GosuCrew

15.45 - The free wifi-stopped working on mobile devices. PICNIC!

15.40 - Dendi spent about 15 minutes signing mousepads and T-Shirts, taking pictures and more. The fans are excited to see him and he seems to enjoy himself as well.

14.33 - The whole venue is getting crowded, the secret shop line is getting longer and the smell of food is in the air: feels like a true LAN event. 

14.10 - We also conducted an interview with Ush, who's here playing for Sneaky Nyx Assassins. The video will be uploaded soon and will be up on YouTube.com/GosuGamersnet

14.05 - The wifi in the VIP/press area is actually rather stable and very fast, the DreamHack staff is very nice and accommodating. GosuGamers approves !

14.00 - The press and player area is actuallz interwined with the VIP lounge. Screens are set up to provide a more relaxed viewing experience, drinks are free. It is a very calm and chilled environment.

13.45 - Apparently there was an issue with communication and it is not known whether EGM is on his way to Bucharest or not - but Ar1se is waiting and he's ready to play

12:50 - The first match of Na'Vi and Empire is over, Na'Vi grabbed the first victory.

12:30 - SNA is currently streaming against a local team 

12:19 - Ar1sE will replace EGM if he cannot make it to the venue in time.

12:10 - It seems that EGM has not arrived to the venue yet.


Team Tinker vs SNA

Na'Vi vs Empire



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