Starladder X EU - Na'Vi seizes last spot in LAN Finals

Dota 2 Jao “doge” Gavino

The final matches of the Starladder Season X's European qualifiers are now over, and Ukrainian powerhouse Natus Vincere has emerged as the fourth and final team to represent Europe in the tournament's LAN Finals.

After a somewhat problematic performance, Ukrainian squad Natus Vincere have secured themselves a spot at the Starladder Season X's LAN Finals, although not in the way most people had hoped.

Multiple disconnects and lag issues forced a surrender in the match against Fnatic, and a tie in the match against Team Secret.

In the first match, Na'Vi battled against Fnatic, with Funn1k taking up the reins once again on his Batrider, Dendi on Dragon Knight, and XBOCT on his Gyrocopter. Fnatic took an early lead, but Na'Vi eventually secured kill after kill against Fnatic's lineup. Eventually, however, lag issues crippled both teams, with disconnects on both sides forcing a reload.

After the reload, the latency issues persisted, and the match against Fnatic ended with a whimper instead of a bang. Fnatic simply surrendered, with ComeWithMe tweeting that the "team doesn't want to play anymore."

The match against Team Secret, on the other hand, proved to be more exciting. Even though it was once again plagued by disconnects on Team Secret, the game saw the Ukrainians bounce back from a 5000+ gold deficit, with XBOCT's Spectre even achieving an Ultra kill. Once again, however, the teams' greatest enemy turned out not to be each other, but lag issues, with full-team disconnects on Team Secret by the 23-minute mark eventually forcing a draw between the two.

The EU Division's Final Standings

Team M W D L P
14 13 0 1 13
15 12 0 3 12
14 10 0 4 10
15 10 0 5 10
15 9 0 6 9
15 9 0 6 9
15 8 0 7 8
15 7 0 8 7
15 7 0 8 7
15 7 0 8 7
15 6 0 9 6
15 5 0 10 5
15 5 0 10 5
15 4 0 11 4
15 4 0 11 4
15 3 0 12 3
Matches and results
Nam Vezet - Mi Igraem replaced by Virtus Pro Polar on Sep 18, 2014, 4:47 PM CEST
Fnatic.Dota2: A replaced by 4 Anchors on Oct 3, 2014, 8:18 PM CEST
Meet Your Makers.Dota2 replaced by Fnatic.Dota2: B on Oct 3, 2014, 9:10 PM CEST

Na'Vi will join the likes of Team Secret, Team Tinker, and the Alliance to represent Europe in the Starladder X's LAN Finals, set to be held at the Cyberarena in Kiev, Ukraine, on the 25th of October. They will face off against a pair of teams from China, an up-and-coming team from Southeast Asia, and the great North American hope.

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