EMC #2 - Team Tinker and Virtus Pro withdraw, Chinese Bracket commences

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After the announcement of the Excellent Moscow Cup's upcoming second season, Virtus Pro and Team Tinker have both withdrawn from the event. They have been replaced by compLexity and Na'Vi.US respectively. The Chinese bracket starts with LGD taking on HGT.

The Excellent Moscow Cup Season #2 was announced only a while ago, and already two of its top participating teams have pulled out. A post on the EMC's website last week claimed that Team Tinker would not be participating in the cup, likely due to scheduling problems from committing to too many events. They were quickly replaced by Na'Vi.US to complete the team list. Through an unexpected post earlier this week, Virtus Pro announced their departure from the tournament as well, after losing a set to Goblak and co, ending 2-0 vs NVMI.  The reasons behind this decision are probably similar to those of Team Tinker. They have been replaced by the new squad compLexity, putting two American teams on the list of solid competitors who will battle it out for a prizepool of at least $60,000.

Western standings:

Team M W D L P
11 8 3 0 19
10 8 2 0 18
10 6 2 2 14
10 2 7 1 11
10 3 4 3 10
10 4 1 5 9
10 3 3 4 9
10 2 3 5 7
10 0 6 4 6
10 1 4 5 6
10 0 3 7 3
0 0 0 0 0
Matches and results
Virtus Pro-Dota2 replaced by compLexity Gaming DotA2 on Sep 1, 2014, 4:25 PM CEST
Nam Vezet - Mi Igraem replaced by Virtus Pro Polar on Sep 18, 2014, 5:09 PM CEST

In the first season of the EMC, Meet Your Makers dominated the group stages staying undefeated at 10-0, only to withdraw due to their inability to attend the LAN playoffs. This might be the reasoning behind the recent withdrawals, expecially with the events all stacking up into a tight schedule.

On a positive note, the Chinese bracket kicked off today with LGD taking down HyperGloryTeam 2-0. The next matchup will be NewBee vs TongFu.WZ, the loser of which will face off against HGT, and the winner will take on LGD for a spot in the Chinese bracket finals! The bracket winner qualifies for the offline playoffs in Moscow!

Chinese Bracket:

Upper Bracket

Round 2 - Best of 3

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


Source: emcup.tv

Jaco “feedmeee” van Eeden
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