iG prevail over NewBee, joins DK in road to Kiev

Posted by Mervyn "ISB" Tan at 20 March 2014 12:30

iG prevailed over NewBee in the Loser's Brackets finals, cementing their place at the StarSeries Season IX LAN Finals in Kiev. However, iG and DK agreed to not play the second best of three, meaning that iG will be going to Kiev as the second seed. 

iG have joined DK as the second Chinese representative to attend the StarSeries Season IX Lan Finals. The LAN finals will be held at Cybersport Arena in Kiev, Ukraine from 17 to 20th April. With the current prizepool standing slightly above $195,000 USD, the competition looks set to blaze into fruition in the next month. 

The second best of three between DK and iG was not played, with the decision going towards DK to be the first seed from China. DK would have started the series with a 1-0 advantage, as is the norm in StarSeries tournaments to award an advantage to the winners of the winner's bracket. However, with iG too tired to play another long series, and with DK's advantage, they decided to concede the #1 seed position to DK. 

The two Chinese representatives will be joined by four teams from Europe, one team from Korea and one team from America. The groups for the LAN Final groupstage have already been determined, and can be seen below:

Group 1 Group 2
1st Place in Starseries Europe 2nd Place in Starseries Europe
3rd Place in Starseries Europe 4th Place in Starseries Europe
Invictus Gaming Team DK
Winner of Starseries America Winner of Starseries Korea


Loser's Bracket Finals: NewBee vs Invictus Gaming

This match determined which team would be staying in China and which team would be flying to Kiev for a chance at the prize purse. With everything to play for and nothing to lose, both teams put up an amazing performance and pushed the games to the wire.

Game 1

Newbee lineup

The Radiant

Mu. Batrider Batrider
KingJ Alchemist Alchemist
xiao8 Doom Doom
banana.hy Shadow Demon Shadow Demon
Hao Mirana Mirana
Nature's Prophet Invoker Storm Spirit Centaur Warrunner Bristleback
Invictus Gaming lineup

The Dire

Rubick Rubick ChuaN
Lifestealer Lifestealer YYF
Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition Faith
Puck Puck Ferrari 430
Viper Viper Luo-Xi
Lycan Shadow Shaman Weaver Gyrocopter Anti-Mage

The draft saw a defensive tri-lane from iG, with three ranged heroes zoning out Doom in the top lane, forcing him to jungle. NewBee took the first blood at 4:30 with an overextention by YYF's Lifestealer getting punished by NewBee's Mirana / Shadow Demon combo. A flurry of activity later saw Ferrari_430's Puck getting a solo kill on KingJ's Alchemist, but a quick response from Mu's Batrider with a lasso on Faith's AA onto the high ground allowed NewBee to keep it at 2-1. Good movement by iG gave them a pick off on xiao8's Doom, and the early 9 minute Blink Dagger on Batrider was unable to get a return kill. 

12 minutes in, another Blink Lasso on Lifestealer failed to get a kill, and Puck's Blink - Coil instead cost Batrider his life. On the back of multiple failed smoke ganks, iG found another pickoff with a Puck Infest bomb. A mid push by iG saw them get the Tier 1 and a 3 for 2 exchange despite the fight seemingly going NewBee's way at first. 

A 22 minute pickoff on Shadow Demon allowed iG to get the first uncontested Roshan of the match, cementing their lead. However a great overextension by iG during an extended teamfight saw them losing all their cores. The fight was so long that Doom and Batrider who had already died, returned to the fight to get revenge kills, with iG also losing the Aegis in the process. This put them back at even, with NewBee starting to take a gold lead on the back of Doom's Devour, despite having two tier ones being denied by iG. 

However, iG were not out of it yet, as the Puck's Hex allowed an instant pickoff on Doom 32 minutes in. The same Blink Hex allowed iG to pull off a smoke gank on a pushing NewBee team, teamwiping them and giving iG the second Roshan merely four minutes later. That saw a 10k experience swing and 5k gold swing, putting iG back into the driver's seat. A 40 minute engagement by iG went horribly wrong for them as a well-timed disruption stopped Puck's initiation, and resulting in iG losing Lifestealer, Rubick and the Aegis on Viper without any kills in return. 

Yet another teamfight at iG's bottom tier 2 saw a two-for-two trade with a Viper buyback, with NewBee successfully taking the tower. A teamfight initiated by Puck saw a 4 for 3 exchange, with iG coming out even further ahead by forcing a Mirana buyback. A mistake by Batrider trying to contest iG taking Roshan saw him waste Lasso on Puck's Aegis, causing his death and a free Roshan for iG. iG immediately pushed into mid, taking out Mirana, Doom and Shadow Demon. Without the Mirana buyback, iG were able to push through NewBee and force the GG by taking out the throne. 


Game 2

Newbee lineup

The Dire

KingJ Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman
xiao8 Clockwerk Clockwerk
banana.hy Enchantress Enchantress
Hao Morphling Morphling
Mu. Puck Puck
Nature's Prophet Lycan Rubick Dazzle Ember Spirit
Invictus Gaming lineup

The Radiant

Invoker Invoker Luo-Xi
Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner YYF
Venomancer Venomancer ChuaN
Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit Faith
Storm Spirit Storm Spirit Ferrari 430
Batrider Ancient Apparition Dragon Knight Alchemist Brewmaster

Game 2 started with the match on the line: with NewBee one loss away from being eliminated, they went for a strong early game control lineup together with the versatile Morphling carry, while iG responded with a less orthodox tri-core with Centaur, Storm Spirit and Invoker. 

A fast, early push from NewBee got them iG's top tier 1 4 minutes into the game despite two failed smoke ganks from Enchantress. With Storm rotating to the jungle to farm, Venomancer took over mid, giving away the first blood to a Puck + Enchantress gank at 5:30. A minute later however, iG found a response pickoff on xiao8's Clockwerk at bottom. A 9 minute Blink on Puck was the key to a counter-initiation against iG's roaming Centaur and Vengeful Spirit, allowing them to transition it into a Tier 1 push with the Mass Serpent Wards. 

Good rotations from NewBee conned iG into thinking that they were pushing bot when only Enchantress and Shadow Shaman were there, allowing them to get another kill on YYF's Centaur. Deep wards in iG's jungle even gave Clockwerk a pick-off on a low health Storm farming in his jungle, using only his rocket from a distance. With the score at 6-1 15 minutes in and Mass Serpent Wards off cooldown, NewBee was able to take the first Roshan of the game uncontested, and finding yet another pickoff on Invoker this time shortly after. Pressing their advantage, NewBee went on to take the bottom Tier 2 uncontested again with the Mass Serpent Wards zoning iG out.

With NewBee taking a tower every time the Wards were off cool-down, iG was getting starved on farm on their tri-core, and yet another tier two fell, with iG finally being able to make something happen with a pickoff on Morphling utilizing a 4-man smoke gank. In spite of this, they were still 10k gold behind 22 minutes in, and yet another attempted pickoff on Morphling led to another death on Centaur. 

Sensing their advantage, NewBee took down iG's last tier 2 24 minutes in, and immediately pushed onto the highground with the Mass Serpent Wards. Although the tower did not fall, NewBee took another uncontested Roshan 26 minutes in. A 28 minute push saw NewBee taking down the top tier 3, losing Puck and Shadow Shaman in exchange for Invoker and Venomancer while still forcing a Venomancer buyback. A misstep by xiao8 entering the river spelled his death, but in exchange a full teamwipe for NewBee as they came in to support him. With their cores down, iG lost their exposed top barracks. 

A large teamfight at 35 minutes ended with iG getting teamwiped with no rewards, and they decided that it was time to call the GG. 


Game 3

Newbee lineup

The Dire

xiao8 Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner
KingJ Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition
Hao Lifestealer Lifestealer
banana.hy Enchantress Enchantress
Mu. Brewmaster Brewmaster
Nature's Prophet Lycan Dragon Knight Alchemist Templar Assassin
Invictus Gaming lineup

The Radiant

Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman Faith
Rubick Rubick ChuaN
Beastmaster Beastmaster YYF
Ursa Warrior Ursa Warrior Luo-Xi
Queen of Pain Queen of Pain Ferrari 430
Batrider Invoker Clockwerk Weaver Puck

Game 3 was a do or die game between the two teams: losing here meant that they would not be able to attend the StarSeries LAN finals. With so much to play for, iG drafted another unconventional lineup, bringing back Beastmaster, Ursa and Queen of Pain against NewBee's triple melee cores of Lifestealer, Centaur and Brewmaster. 

The first blood went immediately to iG at the first wave, when xiao8 walked into the lane and died to the full disables of Ursa, Rubick and Shadow Shaman. The game remained even and uneventful until the 8th minute when a Beastmaster smoke failed to kill Ancient Apparition. A turnaround by NewBee took out Beastmaster instead, while both teams traded their offlane towers in the meantime. Yet another attempt to kill the Ancient Apparition at the 12th minute saw iG losing both Shadow Shaman and Beastmaster for Ancient Apparition, and Queen of Pain died to another gank shortly after. 

In a teamfight 15 minutes into the game, at the river, Queen of Pain hit a four-man Sonic Wave, allowing iG to take out four of NewBee's heroes while only losing the Ursa, and taking both mid towers immediately after. A 17 minute Roshan by NewBee on Dire was scouted out by Beastmaster, but their repeated attempts finally succeeded, netting them the Aegis 20 minutes in, but losing their top tier 2 to the splitpushing Queen of Pain. 

Despite their advantage, iG chose to not group up as five, instead choosing to gain the map control by splitpushing. However, good rotations by NewBee forced their cores to pop BKB and teleport away, burning their high duration BKB charges. Another fight broke out at Roshan 32 minutes in, with iG getting the Roshan and Aegis on Ursa while losing both supports in the process. Yet another teamfight at 37 minutes saw iG taking NewBee's last tier 2 tower, while losing both supports for three heroes + a Brewmaster buyback. The combination of Hex and Orchid rendered Brewmaster unable to initiate and use Primal Split. Slightly afterwards when he did manage to use Primal Split, the fight went the way of NewBee instead.

42 minutes in, the third Roshan went to NewBee, allowing NewBee to mount a comeback after Ferrari was caught without a buyback. The opening gave NewBee the take mid barracks, iG could not contend with their most farmed hero being off the map, thus swinging the match in NewBee's favour. However the next Roshan became the downfall for NewBee, where a great initiation in the pit allowed iG to isolate Lifestealer while Ferrari kept the rest of NewBee busy. Ferrari survived and took down two a support in the process while iG just wrecked Brewmaster while he was split into three. Lifestealer bought back and rejoined the fight but Roar was just off cooldown again and he went down a second time alongside Centaur. Without a buyback on Lifestealer, NewBee were unable to defend against iG's push that took out the tier 3 and immediately went for throne, surpassing the barracks and winning them the game.