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Currently sharing ninth place in Star Series VIII with Team Relax and Team Empire, the four members of Super Strong Dinosaurs and what seems to be permanent stand-ins Rasmus 'Misery' Filipsen and Per 'Pajkatt' Anders Olsson will go separate ways as the team disbands.

The announcement by Turtoi 'Ar1sE' Ionut came following the team's loss against Natus Vincere yesterday in which only two of the original members of the team,  Alexandru 'ComeWithMe' Craciunescu and Ionut were playing. After the game, Sebastien '7ckingMad' Debs, captain of Sigma International, called the team out for using so many stand-ins in their recent games which Ionut promptly replied with, "no more SSD."

Many initially thought that Ionut has gotten the boot from the team but further clarification revealed that the team has indeed disbanded. The reason for the disbandment is due to roster issues as many would have guessed considering they have not been playing with their proper roster for almost a month now. We asked Filipsen on what has happened and he told us that he and Olsson are not playing with the team anymore and that was possibly the last straw for the team.

Starladder has not announced what will happen to the team's slot in the tournament but if the last few disbandments were any indication, their record will be wiped and all the teams will receive a default win against them.

SSD was formed after The International 3 with free agents from Europe and North America. In it's brief moment of glory, SSD took second in Bigpoint Battle September and eventually first in the October edition. The team did not have any significant achievements since.

SSD team roster:

Romania Alexandru 'ComeWithMe' Craciunescu
Romania Turtoi 'Ar1sE' Ionut
United States Jing Jun 'Sneyking' Wu
Sweden Ludwig 'Zai' Wåhlberg

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