Sylar moves to Rising Stars

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There has been much controversy surrounding Sylar's departure from LGD, and his potential introduction to DK. However, it seems that the story ends with a trade between LGD and Rising Stars, with Sylar replacing Xiaotuji in the latter.

Liu "Sylar" Jiajun was one of the first players to publicly express the desire to leave his squad, after the premature elimination from The International 3. However, his contract was an obstacle he had to face before completing a potential move, and the LGD organisation did not fully approve of his departure. The DotA2 scene was patiently spectating the situation, and rumors suggested Sylar would be part of the new DK eSports dream-team alongside BurNIng.

In the end, Sylar will be moving to Rising Stars, the uprising team that placed third in RedBull ECL 2013. His gap will be filled by Zhang "Xiaotuji" Wang, the young talent who used to be a member of Rising Stars. The trade is the conclusion of the Sylar-LGD-DK dramatic circle that broke one of the most stable line-ups in the history of LGD Gaming. Sylar will continue his career in Rising Stars and will probably keep the carry role in the new squad. Rstars now need one more member to complete the four-man squad, after the departure of Yu Xiao 'Air' Yin.

Statement from LGD's Facebook page:

Today, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Wang “xiaotuji” Zhang in our team. xiaotuji is a young but talented player formerly of RisingStars. He will replace our former carry player, Liu "Sylar" Jiajun who is now a RisingStars player.

We would like to thank Sylar for helping us achieve success since his arrival to the team in 2011. We are very happy to have had a player like him represent our club. We also would like to thank RisingStars for making this transfer possible. Last and not least, welcome xiaotuji to your new home.


Rising Stars line-up

China Peng "Super" Su
China Xun Tao "XTT" Xu
China Si Long "XDD" Liu
China Liu "Sylar" Jiajun

Source : LGD Facebook

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