RoTK booted from DK in dramatic fashion, Super out as well

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Bai 'RoTK' Fan, after many rumors surrounding his departure from DK, has officially left the team. The news came alongside a statement from RoTK stating he is being mistreated by the DK organization but the Weibo post has been deleted since. was able to translate the post before it was removed.

RoTK's statement:

Everyone’s well wishes to me have been received. Yet for me, somehow I ended up learning the actual news slower than some fans on SGamer, haha.

Today it’s being officially announced, I’m being taken off the DK roster. Thank you to DK for their support and over the past. As for the reasoning, I don’t even know myself. In preparing for TI3, I feel that I did my utmost. In the everyday leadup to the event, I did everything I was supposed to, and I then went further and did even more. Watched replays, analyzed strategies to a relative degree of clarity. As for performances at TI3, I wasn’t the weakest in the team. So me being replaced can only be described as confusing.

When I first came to DK two years ago, at that time one of iG’s squads’ (iG.Y) xiaoT had at the same time invited me to join him at iG, offering 40000 RMB as a transfer bonus for me. This was a lot at the time. I chose DK in the end, and made not a single penny from the choice.

Today I received a message from the club, and upon hearing it I was taken with shock. The contents within roughly: If you want to keep playing professionally, if another club wants you, then they must pay a transfer fee to DK. If they don’t pay, then you just stay with DK. DK will continue paying you, but that’s it. When I heard this, I exploded in laughter. You want to kick me, but you also want to hold onto me so you can make some money before I go???? “Why don’t you come to my house?? I’ll take care of you, pay you, and you stay put and don’t go anywhere.” (sarcasm)

Sorry, please go easy on this poor bastard. I’m really not worth any money.

And then, talk of contracts. Haha, when I first came to DK, it was because I trusted DK. When I first signed my contract with DK, none of us really paid attention to the details within, we all roughly listened to what you guys explained to us, and when we felt there weren’t any issues, we just signed up. This was a representation of the trust. I originally believed that I would retire with DK, but it would seem that today, I have been too fucking naive all along. As a person, I’m like that. I never leave myself any paths of retreat, I would never go chat with other people while I’m still at DK, exploring options and looking for a move for myself. Speaking honestly, when I received the news that I had been removed from the team, at that moment, there was no other place I could go. Not because I literally cannot go, but because I do not want to go. I had rejected all others.

I can only tell you, I will absolutely continue playing professionally, I will not give up. As for the contract you spoke of? I truly do not believe that contracts hold the kind of life-ruining power that you’ve suggested. And even if so, then I can say that only a pig will sign it; maybe I am one myself?

From what it seems, DK will be "unofficially" keeping RoTK until another club bids for him. From the statement itself, it seems that RoTK had a huge attachment to DK and may take a short break before joining another team.

Apart from the dramatic RoTK's removal, Jun Hao 'Super' Xie also hinted at the possibility of him being removed from the team. Super tweeted earlier today, "the chance to work hard for another year is gone". We will have to wait till further confirmation to see if Super is really leaving.


Sgamer posted a chatlog with Super admitting that he is also off the team. According to Super, Zhi Lei 'BurNIng' Xu may be the only person left in DK while the organization forms a new team around him.

Unknown: Super, you left the team too?
Super: Yes
Unknown: Received the news today? Who's left on DK?
Super: I don't know

DK team roster:

China Zhi Lei 'BurNIng' Xu
China Yao 'QQQ' Yi (?)
China Zeng Rong 'MMY' Lei (?)

Source:, Sgamer


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