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The final day  of The International 3 is now live and we will be loading this news page with photos, video interviews and live updates from games. Ning, Tjernobylbarnet, and Dopeshow will be at the venue the whole day.



It's the holy grail of The International 3 coverage!
Final Day


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Silverbret614, 21:09-  It will be Alliance who will take this game. Congratulations to the new champions of The International

Silverbret614, 21:02-  Naked Ancient on the side of NaVi

Silverbret614, 21:00- Base race time!!!

Silverbret614, 20:59- Big play by Alliance, getting 2 lanes of rax from NaVi!

Silverbret614, 20:58-  s4 was slightly out of position and NaVi got the Aegis on XBOCT

Silverbret614, 20:56-  Bulldog took a walk into NaVi's jungle, found Funnik and claimed the easy kill

Silverbret614, 20:51-  Towers are starting to fall and big items are starting to roll

Silverbret614, 20:47- s4 stole Aegis and ended Dendi's Godlike streak

Silverbret614, 20:44- You can't stop Dendi! He's on fire with this Templar Assasin

Silverbret614, 20:40- Loda missed his ride home and went down. It's so exciting right now!!

Silverbret614, 20:39-  A hectic teamfight in mid-lane saw NaVi wiped Alliance, but not without paying a heavy price. It's 10-10 right now

Silverbret614, 20:36-  Relocate gank on XBOCT and he continued to be held back by Alliance

Silverbret614, 20:34-  Black Hole spent on s4, ensuring his death

Silverbret614, 20:33-  Loda returned the favor, dragging XBOCT with him before going down himself

Silverbret614, 20:29- This Alchemist is not going down without dragging one or two with him!

Silverbret614, 20:28-  XBOCT pulled off a HUGE play, 1 vs 4 and still got 2 kills to his name before going down

Silverbret614, 20:26- It's going to be CK + Wisp for Alliance, and a Dendi T.A for Na`Vi.

Silverbret614, 20:20- It all comes down to this one game. Who will carve their names onto the Aegis ?

Silverbret614, 20:06-  Just too much for XBOCT. WE'RE GOING TO A GAME 5!!

Silverbret614, 20:05- XBOCT is playing with fire, narrowly escaped 2 consecutive smoke ganks

Silverbret614, 19:57-  NaVi is still hanging in, successfully defending a mid push from Alliance

Silverbret614, 19:55-  Alliance walked up to high ground with all their levels and items, claiming top rax with immense strength

Silverbret614, 19:50-  Alliance is slowly pushing their advantage, pushing down tower after tower

Silverbret614, 19:42-  Roshan went to Alliance, leading 8 kills

Silverbret614, 19:38-  Team wipe for Alliance. 'Nuff said

Silverbret614, 19:33- First blood to NaVi, killing off s4 with 3 heroes

Silverbret614, 19:26- Game 4 is starting. Can NaVi seal the deal or will Alliance push it to a deciding game 5 ?

Silverbret614, 19:09-  Not even a Divine Rapier can help Alliance come back from this. GG!

Silverbret614, 19:07- It's mega creep for NaVi!

Silverbret614, 19:05-  Kuroky is spot on with his Lift, netting NaVi the top barracks

Silverbret614, 19:04-  s4 fell to a smoke gank from Na`Vi and he is without buyback

Silverbret614, 19:02-  NaVi got the first melee barrack, but Alliance is definitely not out of this game just yet

Silverbret614, 19:01-  Good counter smoke gank from Na`Vi, but they failed to kill the bear.

Silverbret614, 18:57-  A stolen Lasso from Kuroky helped NaVi to pick off s4, but Alliance once again defended their base on the back of  good coordination

Silverbret614, 18:54-  Another big fight for Alliance, using buybacks to wipe NaVi off their base

Silverbret614, 18:50-  NaVi underestimated the pushing power of the Bloodlusted Bear, losing the top tier 3 tower for nothing

Silverbret614, 18:46-  Loda picked up the Aegis just in time as NaVi Relocated in, but Alliance lost Bulldog

Silverbret614, 18:45-  Big fight for Alliance, wiping NaVi with some huge individual plays

Silverbret614, 18:43-  Radiance for Bulldog and Heart for XBOCT, we're seeing big items coming out here!

Silverbret614, 18:39-  Alliance initiated with Mirana's ulti, but Dendi came in just in time to save XBOCT and turned the gank around

Silverbret614, 18:36-  Kuroky got picked off via a Blink-Lasso from s4

Silverbret614, 18:32-  s4 escaped a Relocate gank from Dendi, Fireflying to the very edge of the map

Silverbret614, 18:30-  NaVi rotated to mid lane, killing off Bulldog and EGM respectively

Silverbret614, 18:28-  Dendi didn't wait long to bounce back, Relocated to bottom lane and Na`Vi picked up 2 kills

Silverbret614, 18:27-  Bulldog got off a Root on Dendi and that was all she wrote for the lightning ball. First blood to Alliance !

Silverbret614, 18:24- It's a Dendi Wisp!!!

Silverbret614, 18:13- Captains are drafting for game 3. Can Alliance bounce back or will NaVi ride the momentum ?

Silverbret614, 18:00-  Alliance finally called "gg", realizing they were way too far behind to ever hope for the tiniest bit of chance at a comeback

Silverbret614, 17:56-  By this time last game, NaVi was calling "gg". Now they have an Aegis and Assault Cuirass on XBOCT!

Silverbret614, 17:53- s4 narrowly escaped a Relocate gank, but Alliance lost EGM and Bulldog in exchange for Funnik and Kuroky's lives

Silverbret614, 17:49-  Dendi showed off his shiny new Blink Dagger in style, picking off s4 and escape the re-initiation of Alliance

Silverbret614, 17:46- NaVi engaged with a Haste rune on Dendi and a lv 6 on Kuroky, killing off Akke and s4

Silverbret614, 17:43-  s4 went down again to Io + Batrider, and this time they backed off safely

Silverbret614, 17:41-  First blood went to Na`Vi, but Bulldog went in to claim Kuroky's life in return

Silverbret614, 17:40- Here we go, game 2 is on!

Silverbret614, 17:30- Game 2 is about to start. Can Na`Vi find a way to beat a seemingly unstoppable Alliance ?

Silverbret614, 17:17-  NaVi tried to contest Roshan, but it turned against them badly and a 16-minute "gg" came out from the 3-time Grand Finalist

Silverbret614, 17:13-  Another good rotation from the Swedes landed them 3 more kills

Silverbret614, 17:10-  Alliance took a big fight, rotated 4 heroes in to help s4 and got 2 kills with that

Silverbret614, 17:07-  Akke smoked up to gank Dendi in the mid-lane, but the Firefly got him out of danger

Silverbret614, 17:05-  First blood by Alliance, diving on Funnik's Bounty Hunter

Silverbret614, 17:03-  Akke denied his Centaur from a 3-man gank. Well played!

Silverbret614, 17:00-  Game is resumed after a rather long pause.

Silverbret614, 16:52-  Game 1 is underway! Very intriguing line-up coming out from Na`Vi. Draft will be up shortly.

Silverbret614, 16:35- Here we are guys, TI3 Grand Finals! Who will take the Aegis of Champions this year ?

Drouks, 15.21 - The Ukrainians win another fight and Mushi is assassinated! Orange call the GG! Na'Vi is the second grand finalist of The International 3!

Drouks, 15.21 - XBOCT baits Orange into a fight, Mushi exposes himself and Na'Vi destroy him! Puppey catches three and Na'Vi win a 4-0 fight and take down the middle barracks! What an amazing comeback!

Drouks, 15.12 - Hope for Na'Vi! Puppey's Black Hole catches three, and Na'Vi win a 3-0 fight near their middle tier-two! Mushi goes down to Dendi as he attempts to retreat!

Drouks, 15.12 - The Ukrainians will not give up that easily! Yet another teamfight takes place inside the Radiant jungle, but Orange wins yet again, killing four heroes and forcing a buyback out of Dendi. Net dies to XBOCT in the process.

Drouks, 15.03 - Another teamfight goes to the Malaysians and Na'Vi lose three heroes. Mushi has already completed his Scythe of Vise.

Drouks, 15.00 - Orange win another fight next to the Roshan, taking three heroes with almost no cost. With 6-17 on the scoreboard, the spot in the finals is about to go to SEA.

Drouks, 14.54 - The Malaysians are currently 7000 gold ahead according to the gold graph, and the experience difference favors them as well. Ohyprox's performance is notable, with a current score of 5-0-5.

Drouks, 14.49 - Orange's laning went extremely well, offering a significant advantage to the Malaysians. The score is now 2-8, and Mushi's Outworld Devourer is looking scarier every minute.

Drouks, 14.41 - KuroKy rotates top to assist Funn1k against the trilane, but gets caught off-position and gives the first blood to Ohyprox.

Drouks, 14.37 - Orange have selected a very familiar line-up, and we are gonna see the renowned Puppey Enigma! Expect a good game folks.

Drouks, 14.30 - Orange picks Outworld Devourer during the first pick phase, it seems Mushi wants to secure his farm by winning his lane. How will Na'Vi react to this strong pick?

Drouks, 14.05 - More pick-offs by Na'Vi and the middle barracks go down. The Malaysians decide not to fight any longer, and surrender the second game. The third game will now decide the second grand finalist!

Drouks, 14.05 - Na'Vi are on fire! The Malaysians cannot stand the continuous fights, as Na'Vi win another 5-2 fight! The score is now 21-10, a game with more than two kills per minute.

Drouks, 14.02 - Another pick-off forces Mushi to join the fights prematurely, before his Shadow Blade. The Ukrainians have the complete advantage right now, as Mushi dies once again in a 3-0 fight.

Drouks, 14.00 - Na'Vi feel that the only way to stop Mushi is a full-on assault against the Dire jungle, and XBOCT joins the fight as well. The score is now 9-6, with Mushi dying only once but suffering the lack of farm.

Drouks, 13.58 - If you wanna take a break from the top lane massacre, take a look at our interview with Waytoosexy.


Drouks, 13.55 - More trilane aggressiveness, as Na'Vi get two more kills against the easy lane Malaysians! Ohyprox's intervention helps the Dire get two return kills on Puppey and KuroKy, making the score 5-2.

Drouks, 13.50 - An amazing body block by KuroKy gives Na'Vi two kills, including the first blood that goes to Funn1k! A lot of first minute action.

Drouks, 13.44 - The drafts for the second game have begun! No Chen or Enchantress for Puppey, but we will witness Dendi Puck and a very aggressive trilane by Orange.

Drouks, 13.30 - The gg is called! The Radiant ancient goes down and Orange win the first game of the series!

Drouks, 13.29 - The Malaysians enter the Radiant base again, and force a fight that could only go one way! The Ukrainians get destroyed in a 5-2 and lose their remaining buildings.

Drouks, 13.19 - Orange's pushing pressure is too much for Na'Vi! Continuous teamfights and sloppy execution cost the Ukrainians their top barracks!

Drouks, 13.11 - Amazing combo wins a 3-1 fight for Na'Vi! The Ukrainians are gaining their momentum back!

Drouks, 13:06 - Orange are forcing teamfights, they just do not want Dendi and XBOCT to get big. However, the trades do not favor them in an extreme way, as the score is now 6-9.

Drouks, 12:45 - 7 minutes into the game and Dendi drops! First blood goes to Orange!

Drouks, 12:59 - A lot of early aggression from both teams! The score is now 3-3 and the teams are really determined to take the win!

Drouks, 12:45 - It is settled! Mushi Queen of Pain and Dendi Shadow Fiend!

Drouks, 12:41 - The drafts have started! It looks like we'll be seeing a Mushi Nature's Prophet.

Tjernobyl, 12:04 - Stream just started, but you folks probably noticed that. H4nn1 of Fnatic said it's shame they didn't go up against Alliance during the tournament since he felt they are one of few teams who knows how to beat Alliance. If they (Fnatic) get first pick, they would ban Batrider and Lone Druid and first pick Nature's Prophet for themselves (presuming Alliance would ban Wisp, which they would against Fnatic). If Fnatic would get second pick, they would let Alliance have the Batrider and pick up Puck for themselves. He said that Puck is a really good hero vs Alliance, and if Na`Vi are to beat Alliance they would need a hero for Dendi to snowball with. I.e, not Tidehunter or Skywrath Mage.

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