Evil Geniuses tops TPL Demon Edge Cup

Dota 2 Eric “reinnnn” Khor


Evil Geniuses played a well-rounded game yesterday to edge past Virtus Pro in the Demon Edge Cup. Therefore, they will receive 100 points for topping the bracket while the Russians have to settle for 50 points.

Evil Geniuses DotA2 have received 100 points for winning the The Premier League's Demon Edge Cup yesterday, edging 2-1 past Virtus Pro in the grand final.

QPad Red Pandas played without Kyeong Hyun 'Select' Ryoo yesterday and were heavily punished for their stand-in pick resulting in a fourth place finish, in account to receiving a default win from Alliance. While SeleCT went back to South Korea for personal matters, Alliance flew to China in preparation for G-1 League.

The four teams with the highest points at the end of seven qualifying cups will proceed to The Premier League's playoffs. The next qualifying cup is set to begin on the 2nd of June.


TPL point distribution
Team Points

United States Evil Geniuses

100 points
Russia Virtus Pro 50 points
Germany Mousesports 30 points
Europe QPad Red Pandas 18 points


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