Starladder announces qualifier to replace eL`Pride in Star Series VI

Dota 2 Danio “xiaoduizhang” Liu


Star Series has just announced a new set of qualifiers to replace eL`Pride in their upcoming season. Kaipi,, USH as well as the new roster of El'Pride are going to fight for the one remaining spot in the prestigious tournament.

Lions Pride aka eL`Pride has been removed from the sixth season of Star Series because the team has recently dropped their current Dota 2 team. However, the organization has been given a second chance to the Star category assuming that they can top the qualifiers set up with the new roster.

Teams in qualifier:

Europe Kaipi
Russia USH
Russia Lions Pride

The qualifier will be played in a small groupstage in which teams accummulate points from defeating each other in a best-of-one format. The top placer at the end of the groupstage will qualify for the Star Series.

GosuGamers reached Vladyslav 'mtrx4u' Suzdal, organizer of the Star Series, earlier today to clarify on how the qualifier would work assuming a three-way tie occurs (3 teams having 2-1 score) and mtrx4u told us that there will be further games.

The qualifier is set to begin at 16:00 CEST tomorrow. The match-ups of each round has not been made public due to a possible clash with Bigpoint Battle.


Schedule (in CET):

16:00 - Round 1 (bo1)
17:00 - Round 2 (bo1)
18:00 - Round 3 (bo1)

The livestream of the tournament will be brought to you by v1lat and CaspeRRR on the Starladder stream.

Source: Star Ladder