ComeWithMe: 'The International is full of even chances'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 28 July 2012 14:17

ComeWithMe with God (DreamHack Summer 2012)

With the fight for first runner's up still being contested, GosuLeague Season 3 announced mouz as its champion after their victory over Darer on Thursday night. 'We will choose a location for bootcamp soon,' says Alexandru "ComeWithMe" Craciunescu.

It looks like your team has been able to adapt quickly to new heroes - what do you have to say about Templar Assassin and Rubick for example and the way your team runs them?
-"There’s not much to say about them - the reason behind picking them is simply the fact that Bambo and Sing feel comfortable playing these heroes, therefore I just decided I should let them play what they feel like and see how it goes...

I believe that any strategy is legitimate as long as you execute it the way you imagine it will work. You just need to play good and outplay/outsmart your enemy.

The way we played them was rather simple - Templar Assassin is the kind of hero that needs a high amount of experience in the early phase of the game, therefore it has to be solo or in a dual lane where he can get still get a lot.

I decided to put the Rubick in a support role because the only difference between solo and support Rubick is the phase in the game where he is useful, if you’re looking for an early domination with a lot of fights then its better to let him solo, otherwise just use him as a support since he can be as useful as a solo Rubick in mid/late game if used properly."

Darer, on the other hand, ran an Undying in game one and naga siren and Disruptor in game two. What was your team's battle plan against them in both games? (Read our battle report here.)
-"Well, first game’s plan was the simpliest plan ever - get kills early in the lanes and they wont be able to fight and push as five later on. Obviously, plan failed since we didn’t get the kills we wanted so there was no way to stop them anymore.

As for the last game, we went for a split-pushing strat where we just rice and rice till we have enough items and levels to fight back but at the same time make sure we have some teamfight potential aswell and heroes with spamming abilities so they can’t crack the base."

You tweeted this: "@Sing2X says this gosuleague tournament is easiest money of his life, what do you guys think?" a few days ago. Was this how you felt about the tournament as well?
-"It kinda was - hope you guys don’t feel offended by this but we couldn’t think of this tournament the same way we think about a LAN tournament like StarLadder or such.

I mean.. it wasn't very significant for us and we had to use standins a lot.. so, since we just played for fun and went for whatever people felt like playing instead of having a whole think-through line-up it pretty much was."

I believe Sing remarked that your team has not been training together lately, and will do soon bootcamp to get back in shape. What is the current situation like (that is preventing mousesports from playing together)?
-"Yes, that’s true. We didn’t have enough to play basically. Since we got back from Kiev, our captain 1437 was sick and he just recovered from his illness but I am leaving for holidays tomorrow so we’re going to train hard once I get back!"

Onto bootcamping, it seems like your team cannot agree on a location - which country did you guys originally pick and why?
-"We didn’t pick any actually, there are many things to consider so its hard.. but we will choose a location soon."

Your team played iG, MUFC and DK in the BeyondTheSummit world series. What do you think about the Asian teams in general?
-"I don’t have an opinion about Chinese/SEA teams for now. I only faced a few teams and only a few times this year and I’m not following them or their games either so its really hard to say anything at all.

But if they will perform close to what we’ve seen from our games against them than I must say this year’s The International is full of equal chances."

On a side note, you have also been streaming alot lately, both on your own and with SingSing. Tell us about that.
-"What is there to tell about that? *grins* Even if we don’t practice, we still play the game since we all love it and it’s the main reason we’re playing it in the first place."

Lastly, Valve has also decided to set the hero pool for The International at 90 heroes with the latest release of Keeper of the Light, Nyx Assassin and Visage. Do you see any competitive viability in any of them?
-"Definitely - all of them I would say. They all fit in particular strong line-ups. For example, Nyx Assassin is a very good ganker which can burst targets with ease, Keeper of the Light is the kind of hero that can demolish a lane in the early phase and help a ricer get his farm easily while defending with his blast anything that walks near his tower. Visage is just Visage!"

Thanks, any shoutouts?
-"Shoutout to all the mouz supporters and fans, my teammates and Pinky, our sponsors Medion, Geil, Intel, Razer, Thortech, Sansibar and my Russian fans sergey, sasha, vanya, and pidor fish.

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