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Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 26 February 2012 19:53
As the Premier League nears towards the end of its first edition, Team Na`Vi finds itself comfortably placed atop the chart at the moment. However, there still is a chance of teams being displaced from their current position in the near future.

The road so far has been quite bumpy with moments of exhilaration that the games provided us.Out of the teams that were originally declared to be participating , we first saw DK and LGD drop out followed by Nirvana and EG.
After a slightly turbulent phase, we can finally see an aura of stability settling upon the The Premier League. The teams were replaced by Dignitas, CLG, aL and coL.

The prizes are as follows:
1st - $5,000
2nd - $3,000
3th - $2,000
Na`Vi were the favorites entering the tournament and their position on top reaffirms that notion. After taking down the recent colossus known as coL, the only obstacles that remain in their way are Team Dignitas and WE. In theory, there still is scope for aL and coL to grab Na`Vi's position.
Speaking of coL, it might come as surprise to see them with a fairly low amount of points, but they still have four games left to climb the stairs.

Ukraine Na`Vi 6/1/0 2 19
Australia aL 5/0/2 2 15
Sweden CLG 3/4/1 1 13
Serbia FnaticRC 3/3/2 1 12
Denmark Quantic 3/2/2 2 11
United States coL 3/1/1 4 10
Romania Dignitas 2/1/4 2 7
Malaysia MYM 0/5/2 2 5
China WE 1/1/5 2 4
Philippines Mski.PColor 0/0/7 2 0

The Premier League will continue with it's 9th and final week on Wednesday. Some previously postponed games will most likely be handled two weeks from now.

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