SMM-International teams

DotA Terrence “MrBlue” Wong

With SMM DotA's Malaysian qualifiers just finishing two days ago, SMM has just released a list of all participating international teams. All in all there will be fourty-four Malaysian teams fighting it out with twenty international teams for a grand prize of RM42000 (8300 Euro).

Denmark MeetYourMakers
Australia MCiTY
Canada PokerIdol
Vietnam StarsBoba
Singapore Xtreme Chaotix
Singapore PMS|Asterisk
Singapore XtC.Nyx
China CityHunter
China CommeDieu
China sGty
Indonesia Digi Easy
Indonesia Digi Resurrection
Indonesia Avava
Indonesia Zaga Reborn
Philippines Mineski
Thailand XGN
Kazakhstan Team Tulpac

It's no surprise to see MYM joining in this event as their captain, Maelk has a long overdue score to settle with's captain, hyhy. It's interesting to see team Pokestars present in the list as opposed to their country rivals team EG, as Pokerstars currently has no sponsors and thus is most probably traveling on their own expenses. Vietnam's StarsBoba will be trying to net themselves another gold after placing first in the Asian Championship Games.

While, China by far has sent the most teams to SMM, sending EHOME to defend their title as SMM08 champions, with other teams such cD, CH, sGty and cYc vying to bring down EHOME's dominance. Arguably Indonesia's best player Lakuci has decided to come out of retirement for this grand event, forming a new team under the tag Avava. Other teams to note are MCiTY, the Australian powerhouse and PMS|Asterisk, one of the very few all female teams.

With such a huge number of teams vying for the grand final champions, there will no doubt be a lot of action in all games being played. New strategies will be made and played. New rivalries will be formed, while old scores will be settled. Finally the question that has been on debate for such a long time will finally be answer. Who is better in DotA? Asians? Or Europeans?

DTS has just confirmed with the tournament administration that they will be attending SMM DotA. Light and crew will sure to put up a fight for the grand prize. Also, another all girls team, XtC.Nyx has just been added to the growing list of participants. With more teams to be added, will we see more European teams such as Fnatic joining? Stay tuned as GosuGamers brings you up to date news on SGNDT.

Update 2
The Organizers have just removed the Indian team Krypto-Knights and Chinese team cYc from the list as they did not receive any more information about their participation.

Update 3
Another team has just confirmed their participation at SMM DotA. Its not Fnatic but a very unknown team from Kazakhstan called Team Tulpac. Can Team Tulpac surprise everyone by beating the best?

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