SMM DotA qualifiers-Kuala Lumpur

DotA Terrence “MrBlue” Wong

After a grueling six month of qualifiers across ten different states of Malaysia.

The last and final qualifier is being held in the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur as we speak. Being the final round, it will be no surprise as we see a large number of teams competing for the last four slots of the Grand Finals to be held later next month.

Kuala Lumpur is home to Malaysia's Asian DotA Championship representative, Malaysia Cybertime who have yet to qualify. They will be fighting to the bitter end to grab their third consecutive gold in the SMM qualifiers. However, being the capital city of Malaysia, the most densely populated area of DotA players, many teams will be present to give Malaysia Cybertime a hard time at clinching the gold.

Will Malaysia Cybertime once again prove their dominance in the Malaysian scene? Or will an underdog come and surprise everyone? All these question will be answer in due time. Stay tuned as GosuGamers provide the latest update to the final rounds of qualifiers of SMM Grand National DotA Tournament.

The results are in. In the top 16:

No sponsor > Hot Surt
Amazone'Ys > Qmax
Cybertime > eXc
Midnight < Dog
Wz > Euni
YS > Grizzly Hill
Ig.ShizumaPro > Amazone2
Alternate > Bunuh

Finally, the top 8 teams will play the finals tomorrow. The brackets are as follows:

No sponsor vs Amazone'YS
Cybertime vs Dog
Wz vs YS
IG.ShizumaPro vs Alternate

Its interesting to note that IG.ShizumaPro got to the top 8 because they were the runner-ups of WCG-Malaysia Qualifiers amateur Dota Tournament. Will they be able to reach the top four of the qualifiers? Stay tuned as we gather more information.

Update 2
Some of the top 8 matches have been played. Here are the brackets:

No sponsor > Amazone'YS
Cybertime vs Dog (Playing right now)
Wz < YS
IG.shizuma > Alternate

IG.ShizumaPro did not disappoint their fans as they won their match against Alternate, guaranteeing their spot in the finals. What is left is placing of the final four.

Update 3
The results are in:

Champion : Cybertime
2nd place : IG.ShizumaPro
3rd place : No Sponsor
4th place : YS

This marks MalaysiaCybertime's third consecutive win in the SMM qualifiers. MalaysiaIG.ShizumaPro did not disappoint fans by placing second in the qualifiers, proving that although they are amateur's they are still a force to be reckon with.

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