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Greetings, to the first installment of Welcome to the Jungle! GosuGamers will be bringing you a series of interviews with the top DotA teams around the world, covering all aspects from their point of view and giving you insight into the world of professional DotA, through the eyes of several of the best teams world wide.

The interview was conducted by Sweden Jungle-

We will begin with AustraliaMCi.sGty, The Australian powerhouse led by xMusiCa (Formally Enty.XtC). The team formed early this year, and has already made an impact on the DotA scene. With upsets at both the Farm4Fame and King of The Hill events, they proved themselves to be a top class team. After being picked up by Chinese organisation, sGty, and Australia leading LAN cafe ,Midcity, these guys have been taking big strides, in an attempt to prove they are not to be reckoned with. Watch MCi.sGty at GamesCom in Cologne this August, as they compete at their first major international LAN event, now on with the interview!


Hello! Can you introduce yourselves and the roles you play!

AustraliaxMusiCa: My name is Justin , I'm turning 19 this year, and I am leader of this team. I normally fill up the ganking roles

Australia toneeh: Hey I'm Tony I am 21. I play the farming role normally.

AustraliaBanks: My name is Banks, I am 21, and I normally play the ganking role in the team.

Australiablackshatan: My name is Alex, and I usually solo

AustraliaSnoopy: My name is Snoopy and I am the phone man haha

xMusiCa: Indeed he is, and New ZealandEscobar is 21, and he is normally the support player in our team.


The current team has only been together for a short while, how do you feel about your progession so far as a team?

xMusiCa: We're quite happy with our performance so far, we rised to the top in Australia fairly quickly, and thanks to farm4fame for inviting us, we managed to come in 2nd after several seasons and get good sponsors out of it. At this stage though, we're still trying to get better and hopefully , we'll
be able to prove ourselves in LAN events


At F4F, you caused quite a few upsets. How did you feel about you're performance? You certainly opened alot of eyes to what you can do.

xMusiCa: We are certainly quite happy with what we did, but I feel that we had the ability to reach 1st, we just made a number of errors which caued us the loss of games. But of course before our games, we actually analyzed replays of our opponents, getting ready for what they have for us, meanwhile being confident in our own playstyle.


A lot of teams in europe are wary of you, because of you're isolation from 'the scene', do you feel this is an advantage for you?

xMusiCa: It is both an advantage and disadvantage, since we're so far away from everyone, when we want to practice against others we normally have to put up with delay, while other gets better pings then us. But on the other hand, We're able to play against both asians and europeans, and we are able to learn from each other playstyles.

Banks: Yes, but Australian internet is not as good as the other countries, so it might be a problem for us due to the increased delay and lag ^^


What do you think about the DotA scene in Australia? You seem to be above and beyond all competition there, what sets you above?

xMusiCa: It's probably because of the fact that we make a lot of effort to
play against other countries, while the other teams in Australia only play
against each other, so they can't really improve as fast as they want to.

Banks: We also get an advantage from our hostbot, we have about 3 host bots in different countries.


With you're new sponsor, Midcity, what's next on the horizon? Should we expect to see MCi.sGty at an international LAN event?

xMusiCa: This I can say you definitely will, thanks to N-tobe , our sponsor from sGty, We're able to fly to an European LAN event this year, that is if any were to occur, and thanks to Tim, our manager and sponsor from Midcity, we have even more oppurtunities to prove our abilities in Asia. And in addition to this, both sponsors provide host bots for us to play against countries from all over the world. So I must say that we are really lucky to have MCi and sGty as our sponsors, and we hope to be able to work and achieve more with them in the future.


You are ranked #7th on the GosuGamers rankings, how do you feel about this? Being the most successfull Australian team in DotA history.

xMusiCa: We're certainly quite pleased with that. It's nice to know that our efforts that we put into this are paying off, and we hope to be able to push
that rank up further.


(To xMusica) You competed in WCG and placed third with Etny.XTC, do you think this team can achieve something greater?

xMusiCa: I definitely think so, etny.XTC has very talented players in it, if
it weren't for our hestitation and indecisiveness, we might have been able to
achieve gold in ACG. But of course, without the help of my teammates in
Australia honing my skills and the opportunity that XTC has given me, I would
not have been able to make this achievement, so shoutout to all of them.
thanks alot!


Icefrog has been working hard these last few months, with the released of 6.60+, how do you feel about these updates?

xMusiCa: I think that Icefrog is doing a great job, and the updates that he does keep dota alive, but it takes awhile for most teams to settle in for each
update. >.<


Australia has it's own "version" of IDEC, The Inhouse Dota League, do you think this is a step towards setting a higher level of dota in Australia?

blackshatan: IHDL is basically a public game without leavers, so probably not.

xMusiCa: I don't play it much, there are decent players here and there, but there is still a higher number of inexperienced players.


Any advice for teams/players in Australia wanting to make it big?

blackshatan: Lose and learn

Banks: More in-house and less public

xMusiCa: Playing against better teams helps a lot.


Alright! Time for some fun questions.

Most annoying in team?
Who has the worst habit?
Who rages the most?

xMusiCa: One word, TONEEH

blackshatan: Toneeh for all

toneeh: I'm WoW god, go away!

blackshatan: Worst habit is Musica he just breathes into the mic loudly... all the time

xMusiCa: LOL, not what I want you to goddamn hag, just trying to show that I'm alive!


Well thank you guys, its been a pleasure talking! We wish you the best for the future. Any last shoutouts?

toneeh: To Tonehs, my great druid on Barthilas

blackshatan: Minga

Snoopy: Yes, I P G N, o wait I'm already playing EAT SHIT

Banks: Shitan

xMusiCa: Goddamn phoneman